Setting Up Twitch Account and Nightbot Before We Stream | Tutorial 10/13

Let’s spend a little time and set up our Twitch account and Nightbot, before we stream.

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In this video we’re going to set up our Twitch account and chat moderator bot before we stream.

The first thing we need to do is go through our settings for our Twitch account. Let’s log into Twitch click our name at the top and then select settings. In the first tab, we can change how our name appears in Twitch chat, update our Email, add an Avatar or profile picture, and write a bio to give our viewers a bit more information about us. I’ll quickly add a logo in, and write a generic bio – let’s hit save changes and move to the Turbo tab.

Turbo is a subscription based membership that provides you benefits such as ad-free viewing, custom emotes, and even a cool chat badge. If you’re like me, and watch a lot of Twitch on mobile devices, you may want to consider a subscription to this.

Moving on to the channels & and videos tab, we’ll first notice where we can upload a video player banner, or offline image. You’ll want to choose an image with a 16:9 aspect ratio – and something that represents your stream. Nerd or Die is actually working on an image creator similar to our panel and overlay maker, so make sure to subscribe to see when that launches – so that you can make your own. Anyways, if you have a file, upload it here. The mature content check box is for those that plan on streaming content that may be inappropriate for younger audiences. Checking this box does not exclude you from the terms of service. The next option, archived broadcasts, will automatically save your streams on the Twitch servers. This will allow you to create highlighted clips, as well export videos to YouTube, if enabled. Let’s check mark this option.

The Stream Delay option is a feature that will help reduce delay between what’s happening live, to what your viewers are seeing. This option may cause buffering for viewers with poor connections. Let’s enable this – but if you have a lot viewers in chat talking about buffering issues, it may be worthwhile to disable it and see if it helps.

Authorized broadcasters allows other people to stream to your channel. You can use this box to invite and authorize them.

Let’s move on to our chat options. If you’re not planning on using a chatbot, which I’ll show you how to set up shortly, then you may want to consider enabling block hyperlinks. This will purge any chat messages that contains links. There’s a lot of spam bots out there, as well people that will link harmful sites. We can leave this disabled, since we’ll setup nightbot in just a moment.

Twitch will automatically filter globally banned words, but if you’d like to add some that aren’t included in their list – you can do so here. You can also opt-out of filtering globally banned words with this next option. The last option in this section will show you any users that have been banned from your channel. Let’s save changes and move on to Security and Privacy.

Here, you can change your password, as well as set up Two-Factor authentication. If you’re concerned about your channels security, Two-Factor authentication will definitely help put your mind at ease.



  1. Thank you so much! NerdOrDie rocks so much… I just started streamin and you were my first stop for tutorials..haven't had the need to go anywhere else. Once again, thank you for what you do!

  2. Hey mate. While I haven't used your panel makers, (i'm learning to make my own) your tutorial videos have been a massive help in setting up my twitch channel. Just wanted to say a big thank you for all your work!

  3. how can i line up my twich panels? Noticed that your panels were not lined up, and neither are mine. how can i fix this, i feel it would make my stream look very nice

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