Add overlays and alerts to PS4 streams to Twitch with Lightstream

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to personalize your Playstation 4 streams to Twitch without a capture card using Lightstream Studio.

In this video we’ll cover how to:
1. 0:09 | Setup Lightstream
2. 1:01 | Get a Playstation game source into your project
3. 2:09 | Add overlays, alerts, and other media with our editor
4. 3:39 | Adjust a one-time network setting change on your PS4
4. 4:20 | Go live and control your stream

You’ll need a PS4 and any basic PC or laptop for the initial setup. Once setup, Lightstream will automatically add overlays, alerts, and other media to your stream everytime you go live. Look like a pro with a streaming PC or capture card.

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🖧 Learn more about DNS settings:

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  • WSBG 4 months ago

    I did all these steps and start my stream and it nvr shows on lightstream

  • Gentleman Gaming 4 months ago

    Can I stream to YouTube can I use my gaming headset plugged into my controller to chat and hear game audio?

  • FG505 4 months ago

    This helped so much you are a legend

  • Toovalidjay 4 months ago

    Can u use this app for youtube too

  • JIGGA LMAO 4 months ago

    One question…. How come my gamplay doesnt show on lightstream. every time i stream to my ps4 it says offline even after i put the numbers in?

  • Nonbinary Pete 4 months ago

    The game source isn't working for me. Its not picking up whats on my ps4

  • EnzoOnYt 4 months ago

    What should I do if it says stream is offline I am streaming from ps5

  • Grape Juice Man 4 months ago

    I was going to use this but you need to pay for it

  • Meister-Fuhrer 4 months ago

    seems pretty easy, way easier than shit obs. but i wish it wasnt 12 God damn bucks. The process is kind of like discord, easy, fast, and works better than most in game comms. yet, they only charge like 5 or 6 bucks, which seems immensely fair.

  • Kimberley Dix 4 months ago

    Dns for Australia?

  • Meagan O'Halloran 4 months ago

    I can't get it to work on PS4. According to your website you have agents available to chat etc… I go to ask them for help "unavailable" waste of money.

  • Sequoiah Nelson 4 months ago

    Do you have to change your WiFi settings to use light stream on PlayStation?

  • bexxyrae 4 months ago

    Hey there. I am using a LAN cable for my ps4. I've tested this 50 times and each time I set my DNS to this it takes my upload speed down to around 2.5Mbps… when my normal speed is around 80.0-100.0Mbps. Huge difference. (I need an upload speed of at least 4Mbps to stream) The first few times I used streamlight it worked fine but now it's not working at all. My stream keeps dropping out and it makes it completely unplayable. If you could give me some advice? I know for a fact it's the DNS because when I put it back to normal my speed is back. Thanks for your time. I don't want to get rid of streamlight I have loved it the first few times I've used it but now if this continues I can't keep it.

  • Straw242 4 months ago

    How does this work when a playstation camera is connected? I tried to stream to Twitch the other day and I could see myself on my monitor I was playing on. When connected to Lightstream, will this remove my facecam from what i'm seeing on my gameplay monitor?

  • Marie Music 4 months ago

    Hi I added this to my streams and I can’t figure out how to set up the alert only to appear when someone follows. I added it into my 3rd party but it shows the whole time and doesn’t pop up

  • Mattias Yepez 4 months ago

    Se puede poner pantalla de espera animada?

  • Mattiyeps 14 4 months ago

    Hola. Puse todo el dns y todo iba bien. Hasta que cuando quise iniciar un nuevo stream me salió error CE- y una serie de números. Que puedo hacer?

  • HumptyDumpedYou 4 months ago

    Can I still use my headset on my ps4? Or is it all through light stream?

  • SeaZee 4 months ago

    I really like this. Am I able to have like notifications pop up on the screen like if someone follows? I didn’t see an example of this so I wasn’t sure.

  • Elite_ Saiyan94 4 months ago

    when i hit live on lightstream its goes live for awhile then it says your broadcast has ended and when i view my broadcast on twitch i don't see my custom overlay on it

  • Ken ً 4 months ago

    Can i use streamlight in saudi arabia?

  • iEnVycells 4 months ago

    Hey, whenever i add the custom DNS, i cant play any of my online games. It also cant sign into the PSN, i never had this problem before. I tried almost everything.

  • Casper Van Oost 4 months ago

    Hi! I have a question. Do I need to play if I want to use this programme?

  • Antonio Sevilla 4 months ago

    hi! so my border and chat works but my streamelement overlays such a subs dont show on my screen, why?

  • Cody Dickson 4 months ago

    This is awesome! I will be looking into this.

  • Five Star General Gaming 4 months ago

    im from canada, do i use same dns?

  • CzaR Zoom 4 months ago

    if we dont have dns cable

  • CzaR Zoom 4 months ago

    do you got a DNS for canada??

  • tysonkid99 4 months ago

    if i stream from ps4 with 1080p and i dont buy the 1080p fps package will i not be able to stream 1080p anymore?

  • Jorrddss93 4 months ago

    Europe DNS does not allow me to complete. I am entering on PS5 im from UK

  • A O 4 months ago

    Was gonna try this but most of the comments say they are getting an error

  • AlgorX 4 months ago

    how about the best DNS for Brazil?

  • 0asis 4 months ago

    Does this support PS5? you mentioned ps4.. and says ps4 on the site but nothing about next gen consoles?

  • David Perry 4 months ago


  • GL1TCH DOCTOR 4 months ago

    Hey there I'm in nz and when I stream I get bad quality when I move in-game how do I fix

  • Sarah Gunn 4 months ago

    I have tried this on my PS5 and can't get it to work any tips or know what might be going wrong?

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