XSplit tutorial on how to do a ‘transparent chat’ overlay on Twitch.TV!

For the ‘Better Twitch TV (BTTV)’ browser ad-on/plugin.

Hope you liked the video and hope most of you found it helpful!

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*DISCLAIMER!* I’ve noticed a lot of confusion in the chat about ‘mostly’ one thing that goes over this tutorial.

There’s no way of running this chat overlay when the game’s full screen! There’s only two ways! Either by playing the game on ‘Windowed’ mode and/or with Dual monitors!

There purpose of the ‘transparent chat overlay’ is for recordings/archives/viewers, not for your personal use! It’s a way to record the chat log!

My entire recording of the tutorial is a ‘screen region’ of my entire desktop through Xsplit’s ‘local recording’….what you see in the recording is what you in the Xsplit’s preview!

Also, the version of ‘Dark Souls’ I’m playing is on the ‘PS3’ through a ‘capture device’…the reason why it appeared to be full screen with the ‘chat overlay’ is because I made it so in one of my Xsplit’s scene/tabs/presentation!

I hope everyone with the same issue and/or conundrum of understanding what’s truly happening in tutorial understand through reading this small…yet sort of long…disclaimer!

I have explained many times to others individually the same thing in the comments below, so I figured I just put an overall explanation of how I’m recording this.

– Update –

Now with Xsplit’s 2.0 & UI overhaul update, you’re no longer needed to set ‘Screen region’ under ‘Legacy mode’ as it no longer requires it, Screen Region has been renamed to ‘Screen Capture’…and there’s now an ‘Exclusive Window capture’ option that happens to ignore what is overlaying over the capture window and still capture, highly recommend using that AWESOME & HELPFUL feature!

Steps are very much ‘inherently’ the same even with the new changes, minus the ‘Legacy mode’ (no longer needed) step.

Cheers! =D



  • Geometry Dash Tfga 6 years ago

    my bttv don't have black screen (chroma key) :(

  • Piteroix20 6 years ago

    help i dont have legacy mode what you have version in xsplit?

  • Dark 6 years ago

    doesnt work. it doesnt display chat even though I followed step by step on how to do it,

  • Schmehlicious 6 years ago

    Didn't work, keeps coming up with an error saying "GIRL FIGHT STREAM NOT FOUND", also my dick is caught in the ceiling fan.

  • Ka Tun 6 years ago

    Why not use XSplit Gamecaster (free version)? You can play in full screen with an overlaying Twitch chat and you don't need any plugins or other workarounds.

  • MinGames & More 6 years ago

    Thanks man

  • Trustorm Gaming 6 years ago

    Great Tutorial, it was exactly what I needed. I may have a newer version of XSplit because I did not have any Legacy option, but aside from that your instructions still worked. Thank you!

  • Zoran Cavic 6 years ago

    If you are using Xsplit or OBS then: https://nightdev.com/kapchat/

  • Mirandinn 6 years ago

    Thanks for this guide. This is exactly what I was looking for! :)

  • ExtremePlayGames 6 years ago

    its work in borderless option ?

  • MysTiC x MeRcyz 6 years ago

    it doesnt show up on my screen

  • MisterUltimate 6 years ago

    Thanks for making this tutorial. This was exactly what I was trying to learn to do!

  • Brendan GamerGourmet 6 years ago

    I use an IRC server called geekshed> is there a way to do that without using twitch IRC ?

  • Re “Atti” Volt 6 years ago

    Good job, thank you for your video helped me!

  • ese miklo (Esemiklo94) 6 years ago

    FOR MINE I DONT HAVE SCREEN REIGION, IT HAS AUTHORIZE TWITCH CHAT, however when i try to authenticate it, it just never shows anything. please help

  • lee greenslade 6 years ago

    I look at you video an all I have is screen Capture no screen region but am new at stream so am leaning  lol

  • That0neGuyGames 6 years ago

    sorry but i wanted a seamless chat in stream. This really outdated and you should've made a video for the new effective method just by using the url and not a window capture. I always hated that crap

  • RSCGamesFull 6 years ago

    Thank you For Your Video helped me a lot =D , Fantastic Video :)

  • Kai Tendo 6 years ago

    Do you see the chat, or do only the people who are watching the stream actually see it? I've managed to get it to be visible on "video", but I don't see the chat in game. Please help, I can't find a way to see what people are writing! Plz help.

  • Kai Tendo 6 years ago

    Fantastic video :)

  • Raging Bull 6 years ago

    It doesnt even work for me in windowed unless i keep it infront of me the whole time but if i try to click the game it does away and manifies it.

  • Raging Bull 6 years ago

    It works for me only in desktop mode, when i do in my game it magnifies that area and doesnt show the chat, help?

  • Bj_Taggart91 6 years ago

    In the words of the mighty Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw "Stop smackin' your chops!"

    Good video though! ;D Helped me out a lot, as there really isn't anything for Xsplit out there haha

  • Bmores Assassin 6 years ago

    When you say windowed, i have the game full windowed, as in 1080p windowed mode, Is it possible to get it to work this way? I do not have a second screen unfortunately

  • Snax 6 years ago

    Thanks for your video Kaneco.
    It helped me a lot. Thumbed up !


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