XSplit Tutorial (for Streaming) – How to Setup, Config, Insert Media, & More!

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Wondering how to set XSplit up to stream your games? This guide should answer every question you have.

In this guide, we cover:
– Where to get XSplit
– How to link XSplit to your streaming service (Justin, Twitch, UStream, Own3d)
– How to calculate max bitrate
– What resolution you should stream at
– How to get game & mic sounds over the stream
– How to insert pictures, text, webcams, and game images into XSplit
– And more!

Streaming depends a lot on your PC’s specs and internet connection. Streaming is like running a 2nd game of equal/greater spec requirements on your PC, and it’s very dependent on a stable, fast internet connection.

If you have the specs and bandwidth, you’re 50% there. Watch this tutorial for the rest.

Please post questions in the Comments section!


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  • Pravzee Thapa 3 years ago

    How to stream on fb page rather than fb profile using xsplit?? Can't we add stream key and stream URL on xsplit? Help

  • David Stevens 3 years ago

    How do I make the scenes automatically play as a slide show? I stream live weather coverage and have multiple maps and I want it to automatically switch scenes for me.

  • Persistent One 3 years ago

    Why isn't "virtual camera output" a streaming destination option instead of being a "general" tab option?

    If you just want to mux a lot of video and audio sources to an application that takes a single camera as its input, you don't need to stream your XSplit to any network-based service. The only output for XSplit would be to the camera.

    The presence of "virtual camera output" on the general tab makes it look like the virtual camera is in addition to the streaming to a network service?

  • frizzy 3 years ago

    you showed your IP…

  • Jeroen Kooiman 3 years ago

    Thanks for the video
    It really clarified the bitrate issue for me.

    Does anyone know how I can setup multiple resolutions / bitrates for my stream?

  • Joyce Fountaine 3 years ago

    How do you disable Auto Focus on XSplit? I cannot stream with my media group because of this. Please help.

  • xGalOG 3 years ago

    please help I dont have twitch in there

  • For me to know something 3 years ago

    I have a question… where do you find pictures of moving gif's ??? I cant find them anywhere?

  • ArgyleGrant 3 years ago

    How can I put text over a picture of moving gif? Can anyone please help?

  • xTheWolfPlayz_PVP 3 years ago

    yo whenever I install the twitch.tv plugin i can't install it and it says "Failed downloading." help. 🙁

  • Serza 3 years ago

    How do you add music to a stream? Like requests etc

  • Soni Gurus 3 years ago

    can u help me how to set up xsplit to stream with 2014×768 resolution pls>?

  • Cris Underwood 3 years ago

    I wanted to stream on Pinart, what can I do with this program? The site ain't on the list ;-;

  • Toni Vodišek 3 years ago

    tnx for all the help it helped a lot<3

  • Sleeper Johns 3 years ago

    What about custom rtmps? Like Furstream? Does this work for that?

  • LoganGaming 3 years ago

    what happens if sometimes your internet runs fast for a few minutes and it runs slow for about a few seconds? What resolution do I use?

  • That0neGuyGames 3 years ago

    you may not be able to stream at 10 but i can… Wtf this guy lol. I'd pick your words carefully kid. Yea definitely not the video i need for streaming. need css

  • Justin White 3 years ago

    i am trying to fine a video to help me add a vsee chat with another person on my xsplit were they can hear them talking to can you help ?? i have free xsplit is that why ????

  • Ver 3 years ago

    what do i put in when it says custom rtml

  • Michael Celestino 3 years ago

    You really need to consider your viewers internet speeds when choosing what resolution you are streaming at, It is recommended you streram at 720 regardless of you pc and internet speeds.

  • Howlett Fang 3 years ago

    dude your mic sucks in this vid

  • Robot Rock 3 years ago

    Not to use this video as advertising, but thank you for the really informative video. I'm trying to improve my stream more and more and stuff like plugins other than a webcam is absolutely alien. I'm going to use this to improve the viewing experience for my channel 🙂 http://www.twitch.tv/XvDead5oapvX if you want to see gaming and stuff. 

    Thanks again for such a helpful info

  • The1nOnlyGamer HD 3 years ago

    thanks so much

  • Anthony Kase 3 years ago


  • Sailing Fanatic 3 years ago

    how do i cue scenes before i decide to make them go live ? in otherwords… if i am live on scene 1 how can i prepare another scene with out been seen live while i am preparing it ???

  • Pastor Russell 3 years ago


  • LindhardGaming 3 years ago

    Nice video 🙂 

  • richard mitchell 3 years ago

    what about sceans?

  • Jeremy Michael 3 years ago

    Perfect video. Best tutorial I've seen hands down.

  • Jan Šmid 3 years ago

    when i stream , it makes echo's and repeats and repeats , what do i do???

  • MSafe 3 years ago

    Thank you man nice work

  • Osirus 626 3 years ago

    Where can i put an API Access Token so i can get all my alerts via ingame???? I have Xsplit

  • Hoodedguuy 3 years ago

    Thanks dude! Nice help for a beginer !

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