Upgrading to v5 of the Twitch kraken API Tutorial

I livestreamed updating some of my code to use v5 of the Twitch API and I thought people might find it useful as a video.

There is a troubleshooting and testing section at the start using the Postman application to access the new API and then fixes to my javascript code and some Chrome debugging.

My fixed code is here: https://github.com/adrianschofield/twitchboxart

I blogged the issue here as well if you prefer static content:



  • Blue Cat 3 years ago

    Hi! A few day ago I wasn't able to use Xsplit anymore to make streams. It seems like I have v2 of API and I don't have things and folders like you have. I watched your video, but I barely understand what to do (because I haven't the same things)…

    May I ask you for some help? I just don't know how to solve it and things are posted in internet aren't too many (and less things I can undestand…). I just don't undestand why twitch has complicated things so much…

    PS: I just don't know if it's some difference between v3 and v2, so I'm afraid touching things for myself..

  • VinnyJ 3 years ago

    Thanks for this information, I was unaware that Postman existed!


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