uBlock Origin: Easy Guide to Unblocking YouTube/Twitch Channels

This tutorial video explains how to whitelist individual YouTube and Twitch channels in the ad blocker add-on uBlock Origin to support your favorite creators.
Skip to 0:43 for the Twitch explanation and to 2:05 for the YouTube guide.
For YouTube, you will need the add-on Tampermonkey, the userscript linked below and a YouTube API key from the Google Developer Console.

DOWNLOAD whitelist script:

DOWNLOAD Tampermonkey: https://tampermonkey.net/

Google Developer Console: https://console.developers.google.com

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  • nirvgorilla 1 year ago

    The answer is NEVER whitelist. Do you understand? Bug off the internet right now. All of you commercial scum.

  • David Daniel 1 year ago

    thx man

  • Erich Nahum 1 year ago

    Great video! Very to the point. I just made a similar video about whitelisting youtube channels, but much simpler. All you need is an extension called Youtube Channel Whitelist for Ublock Orgin by x0a (it also works for adblock and adblock plus, but is designed for Ublock)

  • Kanyesigye Akbr 1 year ago

    Thank you for this!!

  • froZn991 1 year ago

    Wow that was easy

  • SinkingSail 1 year ago

    this method is old and will most likely not work.
    I found this Extension for both Chrome and Firefox: YouTube Channel Whitelist
    it worked for me, hopefully it works for whomever needs it.

  • Linux Streamer 1 year ago

    you forgot a step before you use youtube.com/*user= you need to add *youtube.com/*&disableadblock=1 or it does not work

  • Linux Streamer 1 year ago

    i tried the twitch thing it does not work

  • clementine 1 year ago

    gosh, thank you so much!!

  • velkoon 1 year ago

    YouTube solution does not work. (No "user" in URL)

  • EliteGeeks 1 year ago

    whats up with all the ads not being blocked on youtube anymore?

  • Persian Chris 1 year ago

    Does anybody use Tampermonkey?? Is it necessary or does it just go through the VIEW SOURCE and grab the key for you? (Something I can do myself)

  • Alberto C. Routwell 1 year ago

    Does not work anymore, the only thing this does is breaking youtube; videos can't be opened and timestamps does nothing.

  • William Richard Johnson 1 year ago

    Didn't work, go fuck yourself.

  • Comrade 1 year ago

    This is very useful, thank you

  • H S 1 year ago

    wish adblock didnt remove the whitelist feature

  • Pompompom 1 year ago

    Blocking ads means helping youtube censors to loose money and that idea makes me smile. Join Bitchute !

  • Crazy Russian Bot 1 year ago

    holy … this is complex, not hard but lot of steps. I bet YT doesn't want to make individual blocking easy because then their users gain control over the ads instead of the YT company… So they cant sabotage individual channels as easily anymore…

  • MV 1 year ago

    Thank you very much! 🙂

  • German2Orbit 1 year ago

    Danke jetzt hat man die Kontrolle darüber wenn man Unterstützen möchte

  • Francis T Lopaz 1 year ago

    Convoluted adblockers! I try all steps, extremely confusing! I try uninstalling it then reinstalling it, same thing! I just want to block specific elements that I don't like! Not all the thumbnails or the whole website itself! This "So-Called" Helpful hint video is useless! Given the fact that I am autistic, you've just made me more angry than Baldi from Baldi's Basics. No stars! Only Lopaz's Hall of Shame for this bad video!

  • ChevyPowerToGo - 1 year ago

    you said that ASTRIX Is Call a ""WIRED CAR"" ?? I Never heard of THAT?

  • Hellen Moore 1 year ago

    Thank you so much for help me out on this, works good now…God Bless you!!!

  • Bobby Bologna 1 year ago

    you rock, thanks for this info

  • stokesike 1 year ago

    running this on vivaldi. still works. thank you.

  • DigDeep 1 year ago

    If ublock Origin is blocking only some of youtube videos
    1.Check box at Im advanced user.
    2. Open youtube video
    3. Go to Origin, click on +All, find something similar to r3—sn-uxaxh5ji-aw0l.googlevideo.com, it should be below googlevideo.com, click on green color next to it.

  • toby 1 year ago

    easier method is to get iridium for youtube add-on and it has an option to show only ads on your subscribed channels

  • Nythrost 1 year ago

    It worked! Thanks!

  • Bob Frank 1 year ago

    The only actual method that worked. After pulling my hair out over something that should be as simple as "Right-click whitelist", this was the only thing that worked.

  • user2837 1 year ago

    This is very strange, it seems to not work for me if I open the video in a new tab. Which is very inconvenient for me as I open links in new tabs very often. Does this happen to anyone else? Is there a fix for this?

  • Ricky 1 year ago

    You even put a timestamp to get to where I wanted to go to skip the fluff! Great video, thank you!

  • Daniel 1 year ago

    Worked like a charm, thanks a ton!

  • Nate Pieper 1 year ago

    Works great, thanks for this!

  • Zeeshan Ahmed 1 year ago

    I always use uBlock Origin on all the sites because the Ads are so annoying. Just whitelisting a single channel, why would someone follow a way lengthy process? 🙂 #justsaying

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