Twitch VS Minecraft Reloaded Tutorial

Links you might need
-Twitch VS Minecraft-
-Command List-
-Borderless Window-
-Diggus Maximus-
-Forge Mods-

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  • Corn OnTheCob 1 month ago

    Whenever I try the command it works, but not for people in my chat, do you might know what's wrong?

  • Skylar Kuam VA 1 month ago

    You're freaking amazing!

  • DM602 1 month ago

    im having an issue where only moderators are able to do the commands

  • B Targ 1 month ago

    Thank you so much for making this! I'll make sure to add this to the mod's official pages. Super helpful to make sure people avoid common issues!
    Edit: 7:36 I had no idea about that bug, oops! lol

  • NVKSamie 1 month ago

    When i go into config the twitchvminecraft folder thing doesn't appear

  • Spirit 1 month ago


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