Twitch Tutorial Streaming Fantasy Grounds 1 of 4 – Syrinscape and Discord

Twitch Tutorial Streaming Fantasy Grounds 1 of 4 – Syrinscape and Discord

Part 1 of the setting up Twitch streaming of Fantasy Grounds with sfx, theme music, and music (songs) to your stream.

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  • Kenneth 2 years ago

    Thank you for this! I frekain installed the normal voicemeeter and not the banana one and that fucked me lol. Wasted a solid 20 minutes undoing that damage.

  • Rob 2 years ago

    I have a cable A but only KS:VB-Audio Cable-A nothing in my drop down that has Cable-A Output

  • Jérémy Verhelst 2 years ago

    Hay your video Was very helpfull, unfortunately since windows update 1903, I dont find the Voicemeeter Input/output anymore , the sound came through au AUX output/ input . It s a torture to understand. I try to reinstall VB and Cable A+B but it doesnt work anymore. Can you help me ?

  • Jonathon Mohon 2 years ago

    Instead of changing the sound to cable B each time you start Syrinscape just go into windows sound settings, app volume and device preferences and manually change the output and input for Syrinscape to VoiceMeeter Input and Output and it works.

  • Adventrium 2 years ago

    This was tremendously helpful. Thanks so much!

  • Kenneth King 2 years ago

    Is this still relevant in 2019? I tried downloading PTB and it installed some "Software Informer" software not… which I deleted.

  • Nicholas S. 2 years ago

    Does anyone know where I can get Discord PTB? Or is the public test over?

  • Durden 2 years ago

    Instead of using 2 discord accounts (with the PTB thing), is it ok if the microphone for your voice is sent on another chat software (such as Skype or Hangouts…)? I mean keeping discord only for streaming Syrinscape sounds…

  • sman228 2 years ago

    Thank You! I have looked at a couple other tutorials and nothing was working. This was easy PZ and works like a charm thanks a ton.

  • brian mccray 2 years ago

    been gone awhile your Tutorial still works great

  • Osirian Legacy 2 years ago

    I'll be honest for anyone who's still using this method, I had the very tinny; warbaly sound like others were stating they had issues with; it CAN work; but you need to test a few audio configurations out to get it to sound sweet as hell. So here's what I did: Follow all the instructions until Rob2e goes through Voicemeeter settings.

    I named the first column in Voicemeeter Banana to Microphone. Second to Discord, and third to discord chat. Microphone is set to your microphone, Discord is set to MME CABLE-B Output, Discord Chat is set to MME CABLE-A Output. My Hardware Output I set to WMD: Speakers. (You can set your Hardware output to whatever you want to output your sound to)

    Microphone category mark B1, leave the others blank.
    Discord category mark A1, and B1 (This outputs Syrinscape to Discord, and yourself. If you turn A1 off you'll notice syrinscape stops porting through to your speakers)
    Discord Chat mark A1.

    Hope this helps! 😀

  • That Newbie Dm 2 years ago

    discord is constantly green for the syrinescape account any ideas?

  • John J 2 years ago

    Does this work through links in Fantasy Grounds as well?

  • Hunter and griffin Schmeck 2 years ago

    So I followed all the steps but voicemeter banana is not picking up any sound at all

  • C Schroeter 2 years ago

    Can't seem to get a legitimate copy of that PTB software, so this no longer really works. That site is sketchy, but after doing what they say and signing up, you don't actually get a link sent to you anymore.
    So now I'm thinking perhaps I have to use the web version and then the desktop version, but the interface isn't quite as powerful, and I can't use the web version as the always listening input side of it, and push to talk only works if it is in context/forefront at the time, which doesn't work when gaming.

    So final attempt is to use steam since we have a nice steam chat group now, but that also doesn't really work as then you have to have 2 groups into two chats and get some unsurprising echo messes. So, in short, not sure this can be done without some other magic happening.

  • Thesoft 2 years ago

    Wow Thanks! I have just a question: Did your sound quality reduce on discord vs direct playing? Me yes. A lot. So Did I miss something? Or its just discord quality sound for playing music throught?

  • Jonathan Plymesser 2 years ago

    Rob, can you add the web addresses for the downloads to the description? Yes, I'm being lazy. 🙂

  • Danny Castillo 2 years ago

    Hey Rob. Wanted to thx you so much for your tutorial, everything perfect clear and it works perfect. Been having syrinscape for months and not be able to use it using roll20, but after your tutorial I will be able to bring more stuff to my players. Thx you so much

  • Matthew Lesnewski 2 years ago

    One extra step I had to do was to go to Recording Devices and point VB-Audio, both A and B (Recording Tab > Listen Tab) , check [X] Listen to this device and point "Playback through this device:" to VoiceMeeter Input (VB-AudioVoiceMeeter VAIO). Previously I had them set to use the default device and it didn't work for me.

  • Matthew Lesnewski 2 years ago

    If you are having problems getting the PTB version of Discord, visit or by going to

  • alain barbato 2 years ago

    Hello I'm french fan, I've a problem ? When play syrinscape, the sound appears in the channel "Music/Pc" (A1) but not in channel Discord (cable A ouput) or syrinscape (cable B ouput) and not in discord or discord ptb, Why ? Thank help me…

  • NorCalRoach 2 years ago

    The PTB download is confusing. I see the latest version of it isn't the same as your video (update Oct '17). I was scared to click on anything to be frank but finally got the balls to click on the faded green arrows after the roll over noted the PTB download. When I did click on it, it asked me to give them my e-mail which I did and shortly received a message that they'll send me a link to a download as soon as its available.

    Is there another way to get a second or third Discord account to manage sounds?

  • Play to Beat Brain Cancer 2 years ago

    I have tried to set this up several times and everything sounds garbled on my end. I check and recheck. Open everything at the correct time. No change. What am I missing?

  • Gravy Kingpin 2 years ago

    The link for the the Discord PTB in the video is dead. go to The Public Test Build link is directly underneath the words "GET DISCORD for WINDOWS"

  • Damon D 2 years ago

    I was able to get this up and running using your tutorial, so thanks! However the sound quality is pretty bad, both out of my speakers and the headsets of the players. It sounds very "tinny". Any ideas or is this just how it is?

  • thedirtyfecker 2 years ago

    I used your set up and works great. Just one problem. I am picking up an echo of myself through my mic. I have earphones on so I can not figure out why this is happening. I am not very techy. Can you help?

  • Mike McDaniel 2 years ago

    You can now directly control Discord from Fantasy Grounds and send your bots commands from the sound extension:

  • CelestianGC 2 years ago

    Right click on that cortana box ("Ask me anything") and hide it 😉

  • DM Kevin 2 years ago

    Great job Rob on the videos in explaining very clearly just how to do this! On Thursday Teamspeak had failed my group once again and we tried Discord. I just set this Syrinscape connection up last night and this morning in readiness for a one-off FG session on Saturday. It works!

  • Gabriel Cersonsky 2 years ago

    I have a feeling it us just me, but I do not see where to download discord ptb. then it says "The link is missing"

  • Dennis Clay 2 years ago

    Thanks for the video series! Following it helped me get it all set up in a few hours. I set it up using Ventrilo as the VoIP program and it wasn't much different than Discord. If anyone needs specific Ventrilo help, PM me on Fantasy Grounds.

    After that, getting the streams working required a little tinkering to get it just right.


  • Geo Vam 2 years ago

    This guide work with skype as well ? Great work btw !

  • Lord Gwydion 2 years ago

    Awesome video, Rob! Much needed. One point that might help a few folks on Discord is that some people change their discord defaults to NOT allow voice activation to be set except for certain roles (for the reasons you covered in the video). If people do this, they need to remember to give a role to the Discord sound instance to allow voice activation. Again, probably only affects a few folks. GREAT job!

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