twitch tutorial: how to talk to yourself / entertain your chat / tips for streamers w/ 0 viewers

I hope this helps some of you out with your stream ^-^

ALSO I KNOW THE YETI IS A SIDE ADDRESS MIC. My desk is part of a loft bed. The boom stand I was using did not rotate. I’m doing what I can with the materials I have, and you can still hear me, can’t you? lol



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  • HeyShadyLady 3 years ago

    Thank you everyone for the support on this video! I was not expecting this many people to see it tbh! I'm gonna make a follow up video soon and will be focusing heavily on streamer burnout… but also wanted to say that I wish I had stressed more in this video how important it is to just amplify your OWN personality / qualities — it's not so much "BE LIKE MARKIPLIER – MAKE JOKES LIKE HIM" – it's learn from his (and the other streamers') techniques and apply that to your own strengths. don't let it stress you out to talk 100% of the time… I think I was more trying to make the point of "don't mute your mind…. express everything you can, react to everything out loud." Hope everyone had a great new year! 😀 See you soon in the next video!

  • A meat sauce 3 years ago

    Thank you for this!! ❤️ I do vlogs right now and always wanted to stream Pokémon and random stuff. Just never had the stuff (which is changing soon) hopefully will have everything ready and the confidence to do so when the new Pokémon comes out in November ❤️✨

  • RetroIslandBoy 3 years ago

    i guess for me….ive never streamed before….but i do want to give it a shot some time…..but for me obviously im going to look for the game im interested in seeing…. and i enjoy seeing someone… kinda like if i was sitting in the room with them talking and playing a game. i dont too much go for the overboard "acting" if you will. because i wouldnt want that happening right next to me lol. but i understand its "entertaining" but kinda not for me! alot of talking yes…..extreme over acting not really lol

  • Ta no 3 years ago

    I talk even when no is watching me lol

  • Stygian HD 3 years ago

    That's one angry cat lmao. Thx for a great video lol, very informative.

  • Kyle Gray 3 years ago

    Very good! Thank you!

  • Sov Reaper 3 years ago

    I just started twitch and became an affiliate within a couple months and this was extremely helpful. I normally have no problem talking to myself and being entertaining hut the stage fright/nervous feeling is different playing games and trying to to be too quiet. I really thank you for making this video to point out different ways of keeping it entertaining! If you ever read this comment I would be so grateful for any critique you have towards my stream! I will be trying to incorporate everything you talked about here (though I know I am not even close to being as hilariously animated as Markiplier!!!) thank you and I subscribed to make sure I see other videos you post!! Ps…LITTLE NIGHTMARES IS AN AWESOME GAME!!!

  • Josh does stuff 3 years ago

    I watched this video in 2018 and didnt start to stream till a few days ago and i like to do it and rewatching this video there was a lot i missed but that idea of the 15 seconds to hook someone is veary good advice this was a good video 👍

  • Emi 3 years ago

    I'm not a streamer and barely watch streams but this video got randomly recommended to me and can I just say you made an amazing video! It was really informative and well edited. I watched the whole thing even tho it doesn't apply to anything I do haha

  • Caleb O'Brien 3 years ago

    Better off playing with other people when you stream, that way you have conversation already.

  • Gamelong 3 years ago

    Ive always hated talking to Myself because I felt “weird” but now that I stream I enjoy it! If you ever want to join the rant feel free just subscribe to my channel and we can start from there I’ll be streaming tomorrow

  • 9Hand0Cannon7 3 years ago

    very good

  • Matthew Satcher 3 years ago


  • Felix Moon 3 years ago

    Wife material.

  • Alex Erwin 3 years ago

    Well done 👌

  • Scorpion Kitty 3 years ago

    Haha my family and I sometimes react to game,movies, or shows like that. Just because

  • IOSHI GAMING 3 years ago

    Wow thanks for the tips, just started my youtube gaming channel and i'm trying so hard right now to interact with my audience but most of the time i just talk alone and reacting alone. I really need to grow my channel but the struggle is real. So hard to get followers when there is so much competetion. sad life T_T

  • Chicken Bananas 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t mind hearing your thoughts on spaghetti-o’s

  • Williant 3 years ago

    That is my biggest problem; trying to concentrate on the game and talking.

    So…. if you want to watch a 40-something being boring and shy on his channel hop over to …. 😉

    And I see I do SOME things better than that first girl you showed. I like voice acting.

    Ple-ase he-elp…

    One last thing: as a Youtuber you can just edit out dead air. You can't edit on a live stream…

  • Victoria Ryann 3 years ago

    This has helped me so much. I just recently started twitch and it's definitely an adjustment from YouTube lol but your tips especially practicing in the car… Really helps!!! Thanks girl

  • mattkiss3 3 years ago

    There is a fine line between being too much, and being too boring. Hard to find it, but if you stream alone, try getting into a dicsord chat with a friend or two and that will help you with conversation and keeping engagement. (thats what I have done) I am not naturally outgoing until i am in the groove so to speak. Twitch is an awesome platform and there is no wrong way to do it, everyone has different goals, just always remain respectful and remember it takes a while to gain an audience and regulars.

  • Unfavorable Gamer 3 years ago

    Good stuff! You had me locked in the whole time. I'll definitely implement what I've absorbed here. Thank You!

  • AlexRazorGame 3 years ago

    This all becomes 10 times harder if you're trying to do it in the foreign language.

  • Salty616 3 years ago

    Thanks for these tips, just new to streaming and find that I do tend to leave a lot of dead air, good to know ways to help mitigate that 🙂

  • A E 3 years ago

    thumbs up cuz FF 10

  • Downhill Groovy 3 years ago

    5:18 LMAO

  • Snore Dizzle 3 years ago

    Great stream today with thatnerdviolet. I've watched this video a few times and always get something from it. Keep doing you. Good advice.

  • ADweee 3 years ago

    I've been streaming for a year with little success. I honk this will help me a lot and I'm going to try these out tommorrow

  • Travis Vinning 3 years ago


  • Moandain Designs 3 years ago

    thanks for the Tips.

  • Cuden 3 years ago

    Milk a conversation until it's dry

  • Son_of_Ottie 3 years ago

    Well done! Thanks.

  • Alecte_ 3 years ago

    Thank you so much this video really helped me change my perspective and ramp up the video quality

  • CHINOGHOST1r Ninja 3 years ago

    Very interesting observations thank you for your video this is very good to have in mind while trying to start a stream

  • Elinora Rose 3 years ago

    Those streams who are overly reactive scream and sing are extremely annoying and I just wanna click off when they turn cartoonish, but I guess most people who watch streams are kids who like this shit? I found sniperwolf a bit boring but more tolerable than Markiplier

  • The Awesome Pie126 3 years ago

    "you always think"
    My dumbass: yo, if you eat, and your body takes the nutritions, what happens to the food

  • Miranda 3 years ago

    I like your cap

  • Dave Goff 3 years ago

    soseg is welsh for sausage lol

  • MamaGamer 🎮 3 years ago

    Thank you for this!! This is the number one reason why I haven’t stream yet!! LoL!!

  • MikeePoo 3 years ago

    I dont know why everyone is hating Markiplier for being the way he is. He's just made to be that way, he's a natural. Out of all the streamers presented in this video, Mark was the most interesting one. I'm not saying the best, but the most interesting one. He's really good at public speaking and he knows, as a pro, what he has to do in order to captivate people and have fun watching.
    deep down inside, you guys want to express yourself like how Mark expresses himself. I'm new to streaming and holy shit, I now see how much work all these amazing streamers do. We call streaming Entertainment for a reason.

  • x_PrimeWolf_x 3 years ago

    This is very helpful. Thankyou. Watching Call of duty players stream can be funny/ Annoying. The raging is funny at first but then gets they start breaking everything lol.

  • Penri Plays 3 years ago

    Underrated video. I always say to people the best way to get better is to self-evaluate. The tips you gave here helped to go back and watch my videos and evaluate my speech patterns and commentary. Thank you

  • ang pinaka by sherly 3 years ago

    Wow you don't stutter I'm impress already..

  • Exmachinagamma 3 years ago

    I’m starting to do this since I made affiliate 2 months back. I’ve noticed that I’ve become I guess comfortable when my chat, however small, talks and I chat back.

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