Twitch Tutorial- How to Customize Panels on Twitch Stream

This Twitch tutorial shows how to set up and customize your panels on your stream. Learn how to customize your Twitch panels through this awesome tutorial. Use Twitch Markdowns to help customize your text:

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  1. Hey dude, you know of a way to rearrange the panels in twitch? like say I want the "about me" panel before "donations"…. Is there a way to do this without having to just redo them in the order you want them?

    Thanks ahead of time if you get this :D

  2. What's up, Gleez? I'm the guy who is interested in your Madden tips, but have come to just started watching all of your stuff. I'm also the dude who was looking to get some advice from you on starting my YouTube channel. This is the one here! Just uploaded my first two videos today! Hopefully we can link up soon and you can give me some more advice!

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