Twitch Tutorial – After Effects – Sony Vegas

UPDATE: Thanks for watching this tutorial. These tutorials were made years ago so I am very surprised that they are still getting a nice amount of views. A lot of time has passed and I currently own a video production company and decided to revamp my youtube channel. If you guys have a second, feel free to check out my channel and see if you like the content. Thanks! So here are the links I’m at:
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  • sharpdude100 2 years ago

    where can i download the tansition

  • XXDarkShadow79XX 2 years ago

    Damn, the clip at the beginning was like 2000000000 fps

  • Omegzy 2 years ago

    @eXoNFaZe you have to buy it. or crack.

  • Feeq 2 years ago

    When I enable everything and change the settings it doesnt do anything to my clip?

  • itsbennyall 2 years ago

    I cant find twitch?

  • grennyftw 2 years ago

    l2 use

  • EPIGEN /J EMPIRE / KROOKZ 2 years ago

    Really Good Video Man. Appreciate the vid.

  • darkgemxx 2 years ago

    thanks for the help

  • Rebecca Reynolds 2 years ago

    @Darbaz009 im guessing it's COD?? sorry stupid question XD which one though??

  • Little Asian Penis 2 years ago

    if ur clever u can get vegas to do this instead without ae

  • Rebecca Reynolds 2 years ago

    just out of curiosity what game was you playing XD

  • william haglund 2 years ago

    thanks nice tutorial. imma suscribe

  • lucasdude1234 2 years ago

    iv subbed keep it up

  • Mabel Cipher 2 years ago

    what is after effects please explain

  • dRNPS3 2 years ago

    LOL at transcribe audio

  • pk44ownz 2 years ago

    is the twitch a downloadable template? or is it standard in after effects? nice video btw it really helped me

  • onlysvitzern 2 years ago

    What after effects you use? :d

  • JM4G 2 years ago

    @Leynof you need to buy it

  • Tom Dam 2 years ago

    Can't you zoom in?

  • jay53456 2 years ago


  • Kelletchi 2 years ago

    is Twitch a plug in?

  • Cameron Mcclure 2 years ago

    My Adobe after affects is only rendering little bits of my movie like this what should i do help please !!

  • rfx 2 years ago

    @xFaiiThHD trial version

  • Danzeng 2 years ago

    @VolcanicHD by using sony vegas xD

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