Twitch Tutorial : Adding A Follower Bar

In this episode of twitch tutorials I teach you how to add a follower bar to your stream to notify you every time you get a new follower along with being a more interactive streamer! If you like the video make sure to leave a like and if you want to see more go ahead and SUBSCRIBE to my channel for more content ­čśÇ

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  1. whe nyou dbbel click on the window capture you get this option to change the colour and you have this colour key option to but by me its not like this please help´╗┐

  2. It doesn't work anymore, If you go that twitch link and click on the download it says that from the 6th January 2016 it no longer works or something. I just tried….´╗┐

  3. Hey I'm streaming from my ps4 and when I do a new stream I put the new title but when I start streaming it changes to the last stream tilted I did can you help me´╗┐

  4. Hey ragtag thanks for the tutorial, by the way I want to have a new follower/sub bar at the top right on my overlay but i don't want it to disappear like a notification.
    Any idea?


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