TWITCH STUDIO Tutorial: How to add Streamlabs Alerts

The Twitch Studio Beta doesn’t include Donation Alerts. Here’s how to add your streamlabs alerts to Twitch Studio.




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  • Devnithz 2 years ago

    i want know how i put a donation goal

  • Thatmelonguy 2 years ago


  • bla keks 2 years ago

    does this mean i'll have to have slobs opened in background while streaming via twitch studio?

  • Some Random Protogen 2 years ago

    my twitch alerts dont show up

  • esta conta não existe 2 years ago

    I'm from Brazil, and I understand your video better than Brazilians. congratulations for your work

  • pepenuma91 2 years ago

    Thank You sooo much man

  • NinjaPig905 2 years ago

    Ok really stupid question can you see these in game

  • Nikhil Hassell 2 years ago

    Hey would i be able to use your overlays in Twitch Studio

  • X-Dex 2 years ago

    this took me a minute to work out but this is GREAT. cheers dude

  • ANTHONY VALDEZ 2 years ago

    how did you add the chat box in the intermission? idk how to do that

  • Nonstopae 2 years ago

    Thank you for this video, i think you are making really usefull videos about streaming

  • Alek boy 2 years ago

    And how do you connect your PayPal?

  • michael mattinson 2 years ago

    hi all, using twitch studio beta and streaming ets2 is there any way to get my chat to overlay my game as I only have one monitor

  • Melina Licursi 2 years ago

    YOU SAVED MY LIFE!! Thank you so so so much for this!! I had someone donate tonight and we were both confused why his donation wasn't coming up on stream so I needed to fix it.

  • Night Rampage 2 years ago

    hahaha dude the sparkley alert is dope XD

  • UltimaKaos_tv 2 years ago

    This doesn't work for me. Has something changed since the video? Works in the browser when testing but does nothing in twitch. Know any ways to get it going?

  • SnizzlesYT 2 years ago

    I put my alert in, a Sana’a pops out shoots a rocket but the text at the top doesn’t pop out idk where to fix that

  • NaKonBon 2 years ago

    I have added it but some reason it still doesn't show up in Twitch OBS. Is there a step I am missing?

  • ibrahim arik 2 years ago

    it used to work for me but when i click on test follow it doesnt show the alert on my twitch studio how can i fix that

  • Brainless Gonzo 2 years ago

    I think I'll try it out. I like my obs but I'll play with it with my Christmas pack

  • Tugger Jaegger 2 years ago

    the sparkley dresses alert is still randomly funny x'D

  • B.G ENG 2 years ago

    Not new on the layout stuff bud I did my layout the day it come out Twitch I not good if you have two pc's one streaming and the other for the gaming it need NDI on Twitch studio before I us it …

  • itsRowdyTV 2 years ago

    Twitch studio with it yet or no?

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