Twitch Stream Tutorial for Beginners!

This is just a video about how to get your own stream started on ! Please share and pass along if this helped you :]
~~Helpful Time Stamps~~
09:30 OBS Settings, Bitrate, Stream Keys etc
14:30 Audio Settings
17:00 Webcam/Sources Cropping
18:00 Chat On-Screen
23:00 Borders and Overlays
22:30 Sources Options
25:30 Twitch Alerts!
32:30 Twitter Questions Answered
34:25 Brief Nightbot Overview
36:30 Song Request

~~Helpful Links~~
My twitch: ?



  1. Dang sarah this is actually the best tutorial video out there. I took apart my layout and made a new one thanks to you and it looks amazing. I'm ready to stream like a boss now. Thanks <3

  2. Oh! super nice tutorial 😀 which games do you usually stream? I started streaming last friday xD this was very useful 🙂 I think I'm going to try having a small portion of the chat in my stream now 🙂 and the followers alerts, but I only have 1 monitor, so I dont always see my stream while streaming, but maybe to have a sound for the alert will help with that 🙂 what do your think about fb fanpages or other social media? some of my followers have ask about that, but I don't see the point in creating a fanpage when I just have 50 people following me :/

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