Twitch & S_Shake Shakes Tutorial – After Effects

any questions? leave them below :p

sorry for being inactive oopsie

song is NOT mine:
lonely by yungcastor



  • Ibra Al ikhsan 1 year ago

    Can I request? " can you make tutorial twitch end shake "

  • triple 0verkillZ 1 year ago

    It's good maybe go slower for beginners.

  • Izzy Pineda 1 year ago

    post more! i miss ur content πŸ™

  • k4yteh 1 year ago

    anyone know how much storage their computer has? ;-;

  • neonataladdison xo 1 year ago


  • twippie 1 year ago

    can you do a tutorial on s_rays?

  • Spliiice 1 year ago

    i was your 5,000th sub, can’t believe it was me lmao

  • Nadia Frere 1 year ago

    is the stuff your using plugins or are they in effects and presets

  • moonlightrcses 1 year ago

    subbed even before the vid started

  • bar kirshenboim 1 year ago

    where can i download twitch and Sapphire ? Do you have any link that i can use?

  • Lets dance the Night away 1 year ago

    Very helpful! πŸ’• Can u please make one for the slow and not hard Shake! Ly! #Subscribed (;

  • Sayla 1 year ago

    Did you have to buy Sapphire or use a trial because mine expired πŸ™

  • Popoyo Dank asf 1 year ago

    youtube hopefully my ig comment comes out

  • Mirie-Chan 1 year ago

    Thanks to be there

  • Bird Boy 1 year ago

    Your tuts make me happy idk why

  • amna kanna 1 year ago

    i am so glad you are back sweety thanks for your tutorials

  • amna kanna 1 year ago

    can you do a tutorial on the swirrl you made in your new edit

  • Tomer Almog 1 year ago

    can you look on ur dms on instagram? i really want to ask you smth (my acc is @eurcts)

  • wash your face 1 year ago

    God is back

  • harrington 1 year ago

    uh quick question what's the effect used in the beggining <3

  • a r t i s t 1 year ago


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