Twitch: Rigging Clothes in Spine – a.k.a. rigger’s HELL Pt.1

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We continue with the two dudes we started the playlist with
And on user’s request, we started tackling difficoult rigs!

Video chapters:
00:00:07 Introduction

**Adding new skins to an existing project**
00:05:40 Json import
00:07:20 Find and replace to change paths in the existing skin copy
00:15:00 Deleting unused parts of the skin
00:17:15 Dragging the new skin parts in the original skeleton
00:21:00 Reordering and parenting new attachments
00:31:19 Importing the second skin attachments

**Rigging a large, short, floaty skirt**
00:37:40 Mesh creation
00:49:57 Planning the bones
00:54:12 Bones creation
01:05:25 Skirt mesh binding
01:13:55 Testing the auto weights
01:16:25 Manually adjusting some weights
01:17:46 Adding two transform constraints
01:22:45 Underskirt mesh binding
01:26:34 Manually adjusting some weights for the underskirt

**Rigging the red cloack and arm**
01:30:02 Planning the rig
01:36:16 Rigging the arms
01:56:02 Cloack mesh creation
02:00:33 Bones creation
02:04:05 Creating a shoulder bone
02:07:58 Creating a shoulder transform constraint
02:21:51 Adjusting the weights
02:37:21 Adding a bone to help with rotation
02:44:29 Cloack-behind mesh creation
02:47:44 Removing a point and adjusting weights
02:57:55 Bone creation for the cloack behind (and animal chat)
03:05:58 Mesh binding and weighting

**Rigging a long dress**
03:23:36 Mesh creation
03:31:38 Bones creation
03:34:50 Mesh binding and weighting

We’ll finish this in next stream!:D check the schedule down here:

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  • Bryan Fu 3 years ago

    Capes and cloaks are hard to rig in general in both 2D and 3D. But like anything, getting the job done in an ideal fashion is satisfying and worth putting the work in.

  • nan li 3 years ago

    great!thanks very much!i am a chinese learner!

  • Josef Senti 3 years ago

    I love your videos!! Very useful tutorials!!! and a very cute to see you smile and talk in the videos!! 😉 Go on like this

  • PixelsMil 3 years ago

    very useful, big thank you!

  • Sarge Trubix 3 years ago

    3:46:18 – wow, never thought the order of weights would matter. I thought it is only for the color :|.


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