Twitch Panel Tutorial + Free Header Pack!

Hey guys, I’ve put together a tutorial for you as well as a free header pack so you can all get the most out of your Twitch Info!

Apologies the audio is a little quiet My everlasting struggle for competent audio. A condenser mic is on its way!

Download the headers here:

Download the font here:…

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  1. Hey, love the panels. I want to put a donation one on my channel: Is there any way I can edit an existing one, and put my own text on top of it? 


  2. This was really helpful for setting up my panels… I made my own, but it still helped to know formatting and I also didn't have BetterTTV installed. Thanks for the tut!

  3. Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the tutorial and starter pack! It is going to be extremely helpful! I'm going to give you a shoutout on my channel! Thank you! 

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