Twitch Live Tutorials: Clipping Masks and Lock Transparency

Renรฉe shows how to use ‘lock transparency’ feature in Autodesk SketchBook to use it like a clipping mask. Recorded live on Twitch. Join us! —



  • joby dorr 5 years ago

    so….yeah. add clipping masks already

  • Armando Gurrola 5 years ago

    How can you use a picture and erase transparent?

  • SpicyBrownieMix 101 5 years ago

    Well, Locking transparency is similar but nit the same.
    for example, lets say you are shading a tree. You already have all the texture of the tree done, and just need to make highlights and shadows. If you lock transparency, you can make highlights and shadows, but you are drawing over all the textures, making them less visible.
    if you have clipping mask instead, then you aren't drawing directly over the texture, and you can adjust the transparency of the layer so that you can see you the texture and the shading. Its just a lot more convent and eraser to use.

  • Nothing is Wrong Today 5 years ago

    Ooooh! I can find my way around it~ I multiplicate the layer and work on the duplicated one and if I don't like what i did I erase it and start again. just like a clipping mask. Awesome

  • Jonathan Palma 5 years ago

    I am in your debt. Sensei.

  • Sorion Hex 5 years ago

    Clipping masks please! ^_^ Sometimes you want to overlay a picture of like a galaxy or a special texture that you want to clipping mask-ify and what this does is people usually do the drawing on Sketchbook and then do the rest on Photoshop. This would be a huge benefit, please consider it <3

  • drawxgrande ig 5 years ago

    the ipad version doesn't have all of these options right? (also I didn't even know the transparency thing was possible so tyy ahahha)

  • Serenity weatherby 5 years ago

    This helped me so much, but I still think that clipping would be a nice touch

  • Kunjan Virani 5 years ago

    for starters learning tutorials, not for expert this like style.

  • HardWorkingSlacker 5 years ago

    lol I really love her hair, well done tutorial most channels when they talk, talk in a dead boring monotone voice as if they just swallowed a handful of quayludes, so glad this great lady chats w enthusiasm!

  • Jen 1055 5 years ago

    So does anyone know how to lock it on the iPad/Mobile Version??

  • Alexander Rich 5 years ago

    this is great, thanks! though I wonder, does this work on the mobile version? I'd love to know before I decide to buy the program!

  • mae 5 years ago

    cool tips, did not know that existed..


  • juan carlos vasquez 5 years ago

    I think that lock transparency is a great tool, but it lacks something, if you want to work your lights and shadows in different layers this won't be able with the transparency lock, as in the end of the tutorial, you have the background and the lights merged, so if I want to fix some light or shadow I can't affect only it, that's why the clipping masks are needed. With that included there won't be need for Photoshop never again.

  • Chris Hill 5 years ago

    oh! i didn't know you can still draw in anything that was locked!! That'll be much easier to color caricatures!

  • Jane Luna 5 years ago

    woah….. i never knew what the lock transparency was

  • Zip Draw 5 years ago

    a cool tool would be a warp type or transform tool. or even a liquify tool.

  • Keith Gapinski 5 years ago

    Sweet! I need to try this out, since I was really missing masks. =)

  • Valery J Jiminie 5 years ago

    like! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Sketchcat 5 years ago

    Can you do a reverse mask, in sketchbook pro? Example: If I had already colorized a figure, (say Spiderman); and wanted to just colorize background building & or such, without worrying about effecting my colorized figure; can I mask off that way; somehow; in the program? If so; how would I go about doing that? (I use Sketchbook Pro version 8).

    *I'm a comicbook artist penciler & inker, by trade; who's now expanding into digitally colorizing, line work.


  • mike sikes 5 years ago

    I do the exact same thing when I draw, it was just something I figured out by trial and error.

  • Trixie TheTrickster 5 years ago

    I really wish Sketchbook had a feature much like Photoshop and even PaintTool Sai, where you can outline your selection. For instance you do a nice lineart and color it in, and you want to outline it in white to make it pop out from the background better. In Photoshop you can do that easily as well as in PaintTool Sai that I have noticed in Youtube videos (I currently only use Sketchbook for my art) I just would really love to see that feature added. Or if there is a way to do it already PLEASE someone tell me how! ๐Ÿ™

  • Galaxy Paints 5 years ago

    +SketchBookPro That's wat I did on the moblie device when I just wanna color the lines

  • ุฒู‡ุฑุฉ ูŠูˆู„ุง 5 years ago


  • Rb Artistry 5 years ago

    I would like the transform tool to be able to warp from the inside of points, not just from the four points. Like grab the inside of the line and curve it…unless it does that somehow and I missed it lol

  • Arcoiris - Geometry Dash 5 years ago

    Good Tutorial! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • SameOldRocket 5 years ago

    Your tutorials are SO much better than the silent ones that are on this channel, thanks! So good I tweeted it to all my spambot followers.

  • Lord Mushroom 5 years ago

    Thanks for this tutorial!

  • Nette 4 years ago

    add the real clipping mask please

  • Joby 4 years ago

    This is a 9 minute video about why sketchbook should add clipping mask feature


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