Twitch Live Streaming Tutorial – Episode 1 – Preparing Your Account

Thanks for watching! This is the first of an incredibly detailed tutorial series outlining all of the basic, moderate, and advanced aspects of becoming a successful twitch streamer! I was very excited to cover the current strategies for streaming thanks to the enthusiasm of viewers in my own twitch channel. If you do enjoy the video, make sure you let me know what you think in a comment, and if you want more feel free to check out some of my social media stuff:



  • BreeCW 3 years ago

    This video is really helpful with lots of detail. Thank you.

  • Dawson Frakes 3 years ago

    hahah, I type in this on youtube and clicked it it, didn't know it was you LEL – Dfra1142

  • Billy Griffis 3 years ago

    When I Go To Stream It Still Says Preparing


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