Twitch Extensions – Full tutorial

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Thanks for the non stop support you give me. You guys are amazing and because of you i will continue doing what i do. Much love and see you in the next one.

Info: I am focused on twitch but i will always keep up with the videos as much as i can. Thanks for watching…

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My setup:

Green screen stand:

Green screen clamps:

Green screen:


Mic stand:

Mic cable:


Pop filter:





  • MoeMoney 4 years ago

    Everytime I press on extensions it says I have to have a Time machine thing what do i do?

  • corgisaan 4 years ago

    hi have you figured out the amazon gear portion? im stuck on the part where i want to link my EXISTING account but it keeps asking me to sign up for a new amazon affiliate account. ): i emailed them also!


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