Twitch clarifies about the Safety Advisory Council due to FerociouslySteph's comments

Twitch: “The opinions of Deer Girl do not reflect Twitch.”
Also Twitch: “We don’t give our Council info on Twitch’s moderation cases.”

Nice to see you have advisors that are completely ineffectual and ignorant.

#twitch #safetyadvisorycouncil

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  • dannnn98 1 year ago

    not useless thing they put that up as means to distract the masses, like magicians do when they performed a magic act. They wanna hide something from our sight by giving us something to be angry at like putting these crazies up high as well it created something to draw more people to twitch with basically free ads for by these youtube.

  • AhhCmon 1 year ago

    How about banning twitch thots! It's supposed to be a games site not softcore porn

  • Tarek Maza 1 year ago

    Twitch are pure hypocrites

  • Dimitri Warchief 1 year ago

    I think i get it

    She doesn’t wanna mut because then she thinks no one likes her, because shes got a fucking huge ego

  • Dimitri Warchief 1 year ago

    Fans: oh good twitch has some councel maybe it will be fine now
    Deer person: voice chat csnceled and eh all gamers are white supermicts
    Ex fans: ight im outta here/fuck this shit/im a head out/abandon ship

  • Fenris 1 year ago

    Drop voice chat… We should use Trumpet signals like the Cavalry in the good old days. Of course only if the Trumpet sounds are not racist or privileged in any way :))))
    Also we should drop multiplayer "clans" because of the obvious connection to the KKK…
    —-> Insert next insanity here…

  • Ronnie Hesson 1 year ago

    Identifying as a transgender deer does not make your opinion any more valid than anyone elses. It actually seems like the whole purpose of this council is to be a distraction. I think twitch hopes any Trainwreck decisions it makes will get overlooked while people stare at the safety council dumpster fire.

  • SpaceOrbison 1 year ago

    He's an ADL AGENT

  • MMO Archives 1 year ago

    what's point? i think you miss the point, this is more like a voice for the community, eve online has something similar, where there is a council of game vets has a say about decisions the company makes, and eve online has avoided a lot of bad mistakes being made as a result, this council for twitch will in fact ensure that male streamers doesn't get banned for being male, and ensure female streamers that deserve to be banned gets banned

  • Keegan Johnson 1 year ago

    on the bright side, theres about a 43% chance that freakjob wont be around next year lol

  • Tracy Howard-Allison 1 year ago

    But Steph short for Stephan, is a white male. I don’t care if you had breast implants and had your genitalia whacked off. Genetically, you’re a white male. Period.

  • Iam Bob 1 year ago

    She wants to heal the world via the creation of hate and division.
    Nope, not insane at all.

  • Flea 1 year ago

    its a he that thinks its a she that thinks its a deer no mental issues here

  • Lee Banning 1 year ago

    So the council is absolutely useless and a waste of time. I hear venison tastes good in barbecue sauce.

  • Muzzle 1 year ago

    So either A. This and the other people on this council actually have no power and basically makes the council pointless, or B. This person and the other members do have power and therefore this one individual should be removed as she dramatically creates hostility amount many of the users.

  • BoB 1 year ago

    Hate straight white men = different view point
    Hate anyone else = bigotry off our platform

  • Omio Rahman 1 year ago

    Pretty great channel

  • Zorpho 1 year ago

    This just cracks me up. He's against white males….. He is a white male 😛

  • Billesh55 1 year ago

    This post from Twitch clarifies LITERALLY NOTHING

  • Komamuram 1 year ago

    She's a useful buffer to offload some of the negative reactions from the actual corporation. She's doing an excellent job.

  • Dmize 1 year ago

    "I have power y'all" …ADL

  • Dmize 1 year ago

    Typical ADL BS

  • kbforme 1 year ago

    "diverse" opinions yet not a single openly right wing person, only lefties and moderate lefties.

  • Greg D 1 year ago

    Twitch Security council, add these guys to the team:

  • Neo2266 1 year ago

    Ah yes, White men have the upper hand in voice chatting as opposed to black and asian men because you can fucking tell race apart by voice alone

    How does one get a brain aneurysm this severe?

  • Samuel Allen 1 year ago

    That deer is a moron

  • Jesse Nash 1 year ago

    Neither twitch nor Steph has spoken out against her followers. After she made her comments someone in her comments section on Twitter called my 9 year old nephew a white supremacist I have a screen shot of the tweet, and until they remove this person I am going to be vocal about her remove. I think not denouncing your own followers who say some thing like that is the same as endorsing it.

  • Weed 1 year ago

    Appoint antifa SJW to destroy your business and community… amazing business strategy

  • Konrad Curze 1 year ago

    i wish we had all this privilege they have been talking about then none of these oxygen thieves would have a platform think about a world were you aren't stepping on eggshells all the time

  • Martin Huber 1 year ago

    I cant be the only one that gets the urge to vomit whenever I hear diversity can I?.

  • Jaerin 1 year ago

    I don't agree with it, but she was talking about using canned voice chat lines in the characters voice to call out things like attack this, or look out for that. They would literally have to have hundreds of canned lines to come up with ones that would work in various situations. So then you'd have to remember 1200 keybinds just to call shit out or you know you could the voice you're given.

  • Billy the Mack 1 year ago

    Watches YouTube videos on how to spoof my voice over IP. I'm a 30 year old dude, I can do teenagers, Brits, and crazy German. Also a passable version of Kratos. Seen people able to do girls, its not hard. Just takes practice.

  • I/O 1 year ago

    Imagine people doing Morse code in LOL instead of voice chat to appease her demands. She'll probably say it still privileges men because they have faster hands or some shit.

  • SOD 1 year ago

    Typical liberal voices have the potential to hurt my feelings so nobody can speak at all , except me ! Cnn will be hiring her soon

  • B.K. Price 1 year ago

    By now if I see that a person has "heal the world" or a similar sentiment in their bio I assume they are among those making it sick in the first place.

  • edmendo 1 year ago

    He is a lunatic. All this shit is because his voice is of a male

  • Jord Kells 1 year ago

    "White men have the most privileged when it comes to voice chat communication." I believe Morgan Freeman, James Earl Jones, George Tekei, and Samuel L. Jackson would like to have a word.

  • livensflame 1 year ago

    I'M A LAAAYYYDEEE: "There are problems with voice chat."
    Yeah, it reveals the oestrogen shots aren't working.

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