Tutorial: Twitch/YouTube Livestream Webcam Overlay (Ep. 2) (Photoshop CC)

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Below is everything I used in the video!
#ObeyPack – https://sellfy.com/p/YDjc/
Evogoria Font – http://www.dafont.com/evogria.font

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  • Myerling Games 4 years ago

    Just my opinion, but asking viewers to tell you if they see your logo somewhere because you'll go after them is kind of arrogant? Idk personally its just kind of unprofessional sounding, seeing that you are trying to get your brand to be professional with the logo and all. Great job on the tutorial though! I'd also mention putting that logo on your channel profile picture. Also, if you are on twitch, you never mentioned your stream, and it isn't in the description section of the video either. Just some honest feedback, thanks for the wicked tutorial!

  • BTD Smoky 4 years ago

    could you make me one my twitch name is smokingkills2221

  • LAXATAK 4 years ago

    Great music choice that Miike Snow and Killer Mike got you that like real quick. Great content too.

  • raiLyGEEE 4 years ago

    not helpfull sorry, there are beginners who gonna watch ur video. you must slow a bit down for people to understands you much better. cant learn nothing like this sorry. you talk way to fast

  • DEVINE_FPS 4 years ago

    also not everyone knows what your talking about you should really slow down and explain better.

  • DEVINE_FPS 4 years ago

    dude you talk way to fast for a tutorial

  • brandon bluteau 4 years ago

    Any ideas on making a logo? You said you paid for yours would you mind sharing where you got yours?

  • jinxrn 4 years ago

    thanks so much

  • GtTrader67 4 years ago

    Damm, you talking 500 miles a sec.. slow the hell down

  • James Hoy 4 years ago

    Was thinking the whole through this " i aint spending shit on something like this , i'll pratice it myself "
    " so this is one dollar on my Sellfy guys "
    " A DOLLAR?! , gimme some of that right now!! "
    Great video man and i've learnt alot from this and your stuffs so good and amazing for its price, keep it up!

  • Laura Abbatelli 4 years ago

    Hey would chu mind doing a overlay for me i would really appriciate that 🙂

  • AzuriteGamers 4 years ago

    thats the northern gaming logo right?

  • BLAZERD 4 years ago

    Best Tutorials ever

  • hxrrison 9 4 years ago

    Would i send this to someone as a jpg? Help pls

  • Oliver Sabahi 4 years ago

    Dude, you have helped me so much. I am so happy with the content you put out. Thank you

  • Bump 4 years ago

    what font did you use for the text in the rectangles underneath the wecam box?

  • SageFX 4 years ago

    do u do free channel arts and profile pictures? just want to improve mine.

  • ANOXCHEZ 4 years ago

    71 first like cmon guys

  • PlayMaker212 4 years ago

    Is there a way to make the live button into a gif, so it blinks on and off?

  • cody wright 4 years ago

    just bought it nerd 😉

  • Adanix Designs 4 years ago

    Hey behr I watch your videos since a while ago and I see that you have many subs and I am a designer too so can you maybe give some advice for growing as a designer


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