TNotifier – New Twitch Follower Notification / Widget / Plug-In [Also Donations & Subscriptions]

Welcome to the magic that is TNotifier

TNotifier is an application / plug in that shows a pop up message / banner each time someone new clicks the follow button. The widget also shows a notification each time some one subscribes or makes / gives a donation.

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  • Lord Kordialik 2 years ago

    Whats winter jest

  • Joel Fernandez 2 years ago


  • Sebastian Hallquist 2 years ago

    and as always what D:

  • Almighty Tevin 2 years ago

    just use twitchalerts people.

  • Itz Simmy 2 years ago

    When you stream in PS4 does it still come up

  • Jamie D 2 years ago

    If I stream off ps4 will it show up on ps4 screen or only on my computer

  • Bigboyfun 2 years ago

    Can You please Update it Thanks

  • marcussilverhand 2 years ago

    This guy is a genius.

  • LethalFinch 2 years ago

    rofl @ 3:05

  • Nikola Djokovic 2 years ago

    do i need obs ??

  • Dylan Campbell 2 years ago

    It says I need to activate my Email with twitch… How do I do that?

  • BadieoFino 2 years ago

    I have followed all these steps to get notifications to pop up on my stream. When i preview the background color stays on and nothing comes up when i launch the preview. I have reinstalled obs several times and the clr browser is for the correct version of obs.

  • FagWithSwag 2 years ago

    Let me borrow someone's account

  • TKs Turtle 2 years ago

    Does it not work with Wirecast?

  • WWladCZ 2 years ago

    Wait do I need two monitors for this? That would mean this is completely useles…

  • DMoneyStream 2 years ago

    Hey! Add my twitch! I have 94 followers and I stream almost everyday so please follow and watch my streams

  • Axel Marnier 2 years ago

    Could you recommend a few widgets that can be used for Twitch, basically anything free that allows subscribers/followers notifications, playlist display, etc…? Pretty much basic stuff but I'd like to know what almost every streamer on Twitch uses. I'm new to Twitch and would like to do it properly but it's not that easy to find guides and good widgets for free.

  • Chrissyy McKenna 2 years ago

    This helped actual so much bro, thnx 🙂

  • LoadingMeerkat 2 years ago

    I use the CLR browser in OBS. Twitch followers popup just fine but my donation notifications don't work anymore. I test the donation notification and it pops up fine but in a legit donation nothing shows. When I test the notification it shows it in $ and all my donations are in £, I don't know if that could be to do with it.

  • Im TomD 2 years ago

    What if im streaming off my xbox one??????

  • Hugo Borsos 2 years ago

    hey guys i have a simular thing with twitchalert does any one of you know how to make the sound and pic come at the same time

  • BoomJESTER 2 years ago

    gotta love that ending you just say and as always then it ends 😛

  • NerdBox Designs 2 years ago

    HAHA you don't have to be partnered by Twitch to use the free one I got on fine!

  • 2 years ago

    Great video m8. 

  • Mia Aka 2 years ago

    Whenever I test a donation or a follower, the background color shows up on OBS, but no text appears.

  • awkenney 2 years ago

    What if there is no screen real estate left by the time you've set everything else up?

  • Matt Gibson 2 years ago

    can i have the link for the background plz ?

  • John 2 years ago

    I was wondering. How do you stop the text from overlapping your notification and just get it to go onto a new line?

  • Dragon11112 2 years ago

    Question about the setup. Does the launched widget webpage have to stay on top? If I minimize the page that has the test notification after I click "Send Test Notification" the donation popup will stay on the stream and not go away after the 2000 milliseconds. This is solved if I have the page on my 2nd monitor not minimized, and no other pages over it. Not sure if a real donation would be the same problem if it's minimized… 

  • William Olsén 2 years ago

    how to get twitch partner?

  • Hindreen Saleem 2 years ago

    Can i use this for PS4

  • Arian Hansen 2 years ago

    Merc out

  • 5Six7 2 years ago

    bought this right now. works really well. and it just so happened to be compatible with the streaming/donation software i already have ><. thanks for the vid!

  • Chad Papenfuhs 2 years ago

    Donate 6.90 you sly fellow

  • LewBooBaby 2 years ago

    this is such bullshit, you have to pay cos your not partnered 

  • Whiskeylung - The Guy who... 2 years ago

    huhuhuhu @ 0:22 he says "Doo-Doo"

  • ThePlayX3 2 years ago

    Does the same thing exist for Youtube ?

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