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CLEAN & PROFESSIONAL Twitch Panels Tutorial | Explained in 3 Minutes

Today we will be learning how to make your own Twitch Panels, using Affinity Designer. If you dont have Affinity, don’t worry, because the information here can be carried over to ANY ART SOFTWARE! The Keybinds and tools may not be exactly the same, but Graphic Design software is mostly the same in the art […]

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Your Twitch Stream NEEDS This Transition! Pokimane Transition Tutorial

A few months ago, I redesigned Pokimane’s stream, and she LOVED it. In this video, I show you guys what I made, and how you can make the dope transition I made for her stream. 🔴 Subscribe! New Videos Every Friday https://goo.gl/e496kY 💜 I’m Live Every Mon, Wed, Fri on Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/samwoodhall Original Video: FyreWire’s […]

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