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How to Host and Unhost someone on Twitch – Tutorial (2018)

In this easy and simple Twitch tutorial you will learn how to host another channel on Twitch, and also how to unhost on Twitch, we will show you how to do this on the Twitch.TV website, for this tutorial we will host somebody on Twitch and then Unhost it so you will be able to […]

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uBlock Origin: Easy Guide to Unblocking YouTube/Twitch Channels

This tutorial video explains how to whitelist individual YouTube and Twitch channels in the ad blocker add-on uBlock Origin to support your favorite creators. Skip to 0:43 for the Twitch explanation and to 2:05 for the YouTube guide. For YouTube, you will need the add-on Tampermonkey, the userscript linked below and a YouTube API key […]

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