Streamlabs OBS Animated Overlay Setup Tutorial (Twitch/Mixer)

A step by step guide on how to setup your scenes and sources in streamlabs obs with animated Overlays and transitions. (Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, etc…)

How to customize your Twitch channel:
Free live stream Stinger Transitions:
10 MISTAKES New Streamers make:


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  • Mario veray 2 years ago

    Hey Gael level tremendous help you got me so far but I'm stuck on the labels part. I have the one with followers donator n top donator but problem with this is I have non of that to set it up, do I skip it or can I get more help because when I tried with most recent follower the name or fake name didn't pop up so I can put it on pls help me if you can.

  • Oragon 2 years ago

    where can i download your labels?

  • KeeganBeKillin 2 years ago

    Why does it stop in the loop

  • swafty 2 years ago

    Yo I'm trying to put my display capture in my Image is their any chance you could like fit the capture so you don't see any black.

  • ATEC TrAzy 2 years ago

    is there any other way to do this because they cost money

  • Rudy_Tree 2 years ago

    How do you customize your twich overlays on Xbox?

  • Maggie Adams 2 years ago

    I did these steps and was able to get everything customized on the online website but how does it convert to the app? It doesn't seem to be linking my widgets from the online sight to the app version.

  • Josh spartan1 2 years ago

    This helped me set everything up for the first time, thanks a lot bro you really out here helping out!

  • patothetrick 2 years ago

    I learned so much from this. Thanks dude!

  • Gui Quase Gamer 2 years ago

    Hi friend, I'm looking for a live scene that occupies every left or right side.

    Where I can put my face cam and hand cam. It is similar to the Intermission scene. But, it uses only one side. The rest is for the game. Could you help.

    Preferably it has animation.

    Thx for help. I don't want the camera to stay on the game.

  • SARCO Racing PTY 2 years ago

    Thank you Gael… I bought your futuristic pack for my "SARCO eSPORTs by Dylan" page. I am going to be able to bring that little bit extra to our live stream shows… I will let you know how tomorrow night guys with the new overlays.

  • AχDimitri 2 years ago

    when i tried adding the recent sub source like in 14:08, its showing up for me as a long horizontal blacked out box that I cant seem to edit, any suggestions?

  • Cash Brown 2 years ago

    Why is your page not found or unavailable as of today?

  • Its_Priest 2 years ago

    I have to admit that you are a lifesaver for every person who wants to try streaming. This video says exactly what I was looking for and furthermore giving the solution to every question I had. I really really thank you for your perfect work.

  • Orrxck 2 years ago

    hi i got the futuristic pack and it said it couldnt be imported

  • TheNumber2 __ 2 years ago

    Is there any programs compatible with google chrome

  • joe bruins 2 years ago

    GOOD JOB. i bought a few of your overlays

  • Insanely Skilled 2 years ago

    How on earth do u use overpays off streamlabs websites I do not understand as I’m new this stuff

  • rebecca cotton 2 years ago

    hi Gael, i picked up your wraith apex legend overlay set up, but im trying to install the label bar, but its blank… i don't know how to add the info like follower, subscriber, cheerer or donator can u help me out.

  • Dynamic Football Club 2 years ago

    Can you create a new free neon pack? pleaaasse

  • fluvvy X 2 years ago

    I can't find my file

  • iClaimSzN 2 years ago

    Can this be use for
    YouTube as well ? Bc I thought this was for YouTube but I just saw the twitch /mixer

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