Step up Revolution Final Dance Tutorial – Twitch and Allison (HD)

Here’s Twitch and Allison teaching a couple of moves from the final dance of Step up Revolution

Credits : DanceOn



  • Victoria Cisneros 3 years ago

    I have this memorized hahaha

  • tumelo mothoa 3 years ago

    They are a couple now😍

  • Chrissy Dolores 3 years ago

    love these 2.

  • Zoha Asim 3 years ago

    even this whole part is hard omg

  • NganHa Pham 3 years ago

    Do you know the real movie clip featuring the dance. ?

  • Katie Lorton 3 years ago

    see even with heeled boots alli can still slay and dance like a goddess

  • Angelina Oliver 3 years ago

    why does she dance like a professional no beginner dances that pretty…

  • Rachel Chao 3 years ago

    I love the sound of their shoes

  • Streamer House 3 years ago

    Cool vid, keep it up

  • BeauRoc Mane 3 years ago


  • Mina tos 3 years ago

    Now I know why I can't dance, being klutz and memorizing choreography will go right over my head.

  • esperanza castillo 3 years ago

    This move is awesome I'm trying to learn

  • David Ceku 3 years ago

    Although it does not do all that part but only half ???????????????????????

  • Charisma Kue 3 years ago

    This really helped i learned this part so quick

  • Rohitash Yadav 3 years ago

    Song! Plss… ^_^

  • mike p 3 years ago

    You are fuckinig

  • Jessie .m 3 years ago

    i luv diss so much

  • Charmmy Choy 3 years ago

    so cute

  • TashaCrazyXD 3 years ago


  • LopsidedCircle 3 years ago

    heels omfg

  • Varsha Santhana 3 years ago

    STEP UP 4

  • Safua Elisaia 3 years ago

    i love his reaction!

  • sabynna p 3 years ago

    what's the name of the song?

  • CC98 3 years ago

    IT's Easy 🙂

  • runawaylover18 3 years ago

    So cute, and happy that they're engaged <3

  • Josianne Sonier 3 years ago

    what's the Name of the song ?

  • darrell6776 3 years ago

    They look so cute together!! Nice!

  • Arianna Lorraine 3 years ago

    She can dance her ass off

  • Leocadia Bluery 3 years ago

    O MY FUCKIN GAWD did she say she was actin like a "nigga:"? NO, SHIT she was jst learning how to dance to the revolution…if u think she actin like a nigga take a sit n stfu

  • No Life's Vlogs 3 years ago

    He looked a little shocked! Haha!

  • marcos cando 3 years ago

    He's speechless at the end hahahah 😀

  • Z ARTIN 3 years ago

    Stupid bit*h trying to act like a nigg.

  • Emily Ingles 3 years ago

    She's amazing! love her! love them together 🙂

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