Sony Vegas Tutorial [EP.14] How To Add Twitch Effect To Your Video.

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I worked really hard on this video as I do every video.
Here with another Sony Vegas video for you all,
I really hope you all enjoy.
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  • PirateSanad 4 years ago

    Name song in the first vid

  • dbsill cockney 4 years ago

    Mate…best tutorial EVER. Helped me out and made me laugh! You got 1 sub more bruv

  • Motionless 4 years ago

    1 like= your a legend
    1 sub= helping out a smaller channel

  • IanTheCookie - Tutorials 4 years ago

    Dope video

  • NEARPRODUCTION 4 years ago

    OMG <3 Thank you dude i… i… oh man dude i like it i like your videos everything dude oh my god 😊😊😊

  • M4GP1E 4 years ago

    Love seeing how you do these flux mate
    I only wish I had the time to really get into doing the deep stuff like this, a normal edit takes fucking hours, I would probably take hours just doing 20 seconds worth of video and then my laptop would probably die on me too lol

  • Ice Daemon 4 years ago

    That is interesting effect.

  • Kane 4 years ago

    bro your the og 😉

  • Bealzy 4 years ago

    awesome video man left a like(:

  • Nova VFX 4 years ago

    yo Flux later towards November can I pay u for 2 montages 2 edit for my new clan 10 psn?

  • Flux Edits 4 years ago

    Thank you guys so much for watching,
    This tutorial in particular took me a very very long time the get right.
    Hope you like it.
    Have a great day…^_^


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