Simple Tutorial: Chat Bot Viewer List and JSON queries to Twitch API [Part 6]

This video goes over how to use the dll that i’ve provided below to extract who is in your chat.

Mediafire link to DLL:

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  • Michael S 3 years ago


    i know it's been a few years, but i have been making this bot and all seems fine and dandy except for this line

    "Chatters AllChatters = ChatClient.GetChatters(channelname.Text.ToLower());"

    which comes up randomly with an "IndexOutOfRangeException"

    any chance that you could hep me out and tell me why or how to fix that.

    Thanks in advance

  • Blezie 3 years ago

    TallestOne, will you make a part 10 in the near future?

  • Mel Gaming 3 years ago

    this not working anymore showing resharp error 🙁 please update this

  • JieBäf 3 years ago

    Hey TallesOne , i got a problem. I wanna install RestSharp but I get told that it cant get installed because it refers to ".NETFramework,Version=4.5" but there arent any assembly references or content files compatible with that framework. Any suggestions?

  • Lucas Fransson 3 years ago

    Please make an updated version with the new API :/

  • Lucas Fransson 3 years ago

    How do you get subscribers or name color or displayname or turbo?

  • Bradon Schultz 3 years ago

    My visual studio doesnt like TwitchROChat, what am I doing wrong? (It just underlines it in red)

  • RDB Gaming 3 years ago

    For me the viewers are on top. Did i do something wrong ?
    and how to i put the amount of chatters next to my viewers label ?

  • Seducier 3 years ago

    Is there a way to make the bot greet or do something, when someone joins into my twitch chat?

  • VintageGaming 3 years ago

    +TallestOne I forgot to ask if this is reliable if people in chat don't talk, are they still in the list?

  • CrossFire151 3 years ago

    Awesome tutorial, I have been after something like this for a long time!

    In regards to the viewers list, I added the ability to check who is a mod and who is not ect.

    I was wondering how I would select a user from the list box…
    For example @crossfire151
    then output that to a textbox but exclude the "@"

    then I would be able to use this for permitting users to post links, timing them out, banning them ect.

    So something like this:
    irc.sendIrcMessage(":" + username + "!" + username + "@" + username + " PRIVMSG #crossfire151" + " :" + "!permit " + Globalcmd.Text);

    This works fine and have tested by manually typing a username.

    Could you help me with excluding that "@", I would be highly appreciated!


    Subbed and liked 🙂

  • Bob Willmann 3 years ago

    @tallestone How do you find when a user follows the channel?

  • Katun24 3 years ago

    Would you or anyone else happen to know of any documentation on the available data in I only know how to get the viewer list ( and hosts (, but there must be more stream-specific data available than that. I understand the Twitch TMI is officially unsupported, but it would be cool if we could find at least some information about the Json data structure.

    Many thanks on the awesome tutorials, TallestOne. They've been very helpful to me.

  • Daniel Pedersen 3 years ago

    TallestOne do you know how to fix that i'm the moderator of my channel?
    It says that I (The brodcaster) is a viewer, how can i fix that?

  • Daniel Pedersen 3 years ago

    Can you send a sample on how to make authentication (keep private)?

  • jryx 3 years ago

    Hey! has anyone got any idea why the lists would be returning null but the count returns an int fine?

  • DerFuntak studiert 3 years ago

    I try to get the game for a !game command:
    Channel channel = APIClient.GetChannel("derfuntak");
    string game = channel.Game;

    But channel will keep 'null'. Can someone help me?

  • Adam Thornes 3 years ago

    Any idea how I would find out if the user is a subscriber or not?

  • Scitch87 3 years ago

    I'm not sure why but the LoyaltyPointTimer doesn't seem to work for me. It's checking for new viewers alright and i can still manually reward points but it doesn't give additional points when the timer ticks.

    Could anyone have an idea as to where the problem could be? 🙁

  • Connar Frost 3 years ago

    Hey tallestone , is it possible to show how the songrequest Works? It would be awesome if you would do it and show how the code Looks like 🙂

  • Simon Cull 3 years ago

    Awesome, thanks for this! Got Roulette working with nearly every betting option and a Slot Machine both using points – if you want the code let me know 🙂

  • DoxPix 3 years ago

    also one thing. I noticed when you stream on twitch I actually have to put my tablet to full volume to listen. can you fix that?

  • DoxPix 3 years ago



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