Setting Up A Donation Tracker with OBS (Twitch Alerts) | Twitch Tutorials

Hey Gamers, Welcome back to Twitch Tutorials. In this video I am covering how to set up a donation alert tracker for your Twitch broadcast using TwitchAlerts! I hope that you find my Twitch Tutorials useful. If you did, be sure to subscribe and leave a comment and let me know!

How to Use Twitch Alerts:
CLR Browser:

Video Time Stamps:
Video Intro: 0:00
Before We Start: 0:31
Donation Settings: 1:15
The Alert Box: 1:54
Installing CLR Browser Plugin: 2:54
Adding It in to OBS: 3:26
TwitchAlerts “Payday Program”: 4:19
Thank You All: 5:05

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Outro Music: Rogue – “Through The Dark”
Background Music: Mitis – “Born”



  • Immanuel Kant 2 years ago

    what a pain. Anyone have a widget for donation ticker?

  • ScoutiverTTV 2 years ago

    Its 2018, maybe its time to take down the old tutorials? Who uses a green window now.

  • Amy Morales 2 years ago
    give me a follow <3

  • Seren_Modz 21 2 years ago

    how do you use donation ticker on streamlabs in obs

  • Game Switch 2 years ago

    Where is the donation tracker? You only shown a donation alert.

  • sttitchs 2 years ago

    not good i dont know were to put the files

  • EzXp Ez 2 years ago

    can you do this with youtube? im doing a charity live stream soon using crowdfunding. any help?

  • SlimPeeps 2 years ago

    Do these twich alerts work with youtube livestream?

  • Entertained45 2 years ago

    wow more than 1000 ppl a day using twitchalerts way over 1m now

  • Yoshua2 2 years ago

    thank you helped aloooooot now i can finally do streams look proffesional! thx bro

  • Hayden Anderson 2 years ago

    Hey Nato, I've been a subscriber for quite a while now, ever since the Minecraft road to el dorado map (remember that?) Anyways, I was wondering, what is your steam name if I may ask? I have commented on previous videos and I love the channel. Please never quit YouTube Buddy. Have an amazing day.

  • L Jonker 2 years ago

    I need your help with CLR browser. when i am installing it its not saying CLR browser in OBS it self

  • BluePWR 2 years ago


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