Rust: Enable Twitch Drops ~NEW GUIDE~

Rust has announced, and enabled drops on Twitch! Grab 3 limited-time items for free! No Prime required, these drops are purely awarded for watching up to 6 hours of participating Rust streams [Everyone can give drops]. After that, you’ll have all 3 items.

Rust Twitch Drops:
Rust Twitch Category:
[STREAMERS] Enabling Rust Twitch Drops:

0:00 – Explanation
0:24 – Drop overview
0:50 – Multiple streams?
1:02 – Linking your Twitch account
1:24 – Linking your Steam account
1:34 – Activating drops
1:45 – Watching Rust streams
1:57 – FAQ’s

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  • Oliver Loutensock 1 year ago

    does it still work

  • Roberto 1 year ago

    Hello I'm a British Bot 🤓😂😂🤣

  • Destroyer 1 year ago

    That Twitch account is already linked to a Steam account.
    I have 9 drops and i can't take them, i claim the drops but i don't have the skins in my Steam inventory.
    Already un-sync steam and facepunch 9 times. Help.

  • Mr.Coomer 1 year ago

    it wont let me activate

  • kenna hight 1 year ago

    i did it and it doesnt say twitch drops

  • Paweł Mazur 1 year ago

    thank you bro

  • Simp 1 year ago

    How do I use the twitch drops? Would they be in my rust inventory automatically when in the starting menu? Or would I have to go on steam and collect them? I’m new to twitch drops and steam. I just got my pc 2 weeks ago and I’ve started playing rust

  • silli29 1 year ago

    i cant enter the website for some reason

  • Богдан Дуdniчenko 1 year ago

    Guys help me pls, when i press activate drops. Writes me this message "That Twitch account is already linked to a Steam account." Pls help

  • stephen trujillo 1 year ago

    Ok so i already did that ok. Then they're now doing more drops, so i was like cool let me go activate my twitch steam etc. Then activate drops, well when i hit activate drops it says that this steam account is alreay linked. So i read the info below it says to go to steam and unlink it. But i looked everwhere and couldn't even find it. Do u know where it's at?

  • Theplug21 1 year ago

    How much is this game

  • PipoFN 1 year ago

    Is the drops only for the skins or for the game

  • Brayden Dustin 1 year ago

    the one time i watch a tutorial and its useful. literally first time i comment its just insane how helpful this was thank u sm

  • Commander FKD 1 year ago

    Wen i press activate drops it is saying that "Twitch account is already linked to a Steam account."

  • klubba 1 year ago

    If i dont have rust on steam will i get the items when i buy the game?

    How does this work?

  • gg uninstall 1 year ago

    thought ill get rust access^^

  • Filip. 1 year ago

    i cant activate drops it says That Twitch account is already linked to a Steam account. any help?

  • EmasKB 1 year ago

    how to change specific channel that u are watching? example i misclicked to watching person A but i want to watch person B how can i do that?

  • Firesnake222 1 year ago

    What it i watched and got the items on twitch before i linked my twitch and steam to facepunch? Do i still get the items cause i dont have the items in my inventory

  • aalkeD 1 year ago

    i cant claim it for some reason? why is this? it says, that i cant recieve the drop?

  • Zela 1 year ago

    mine just says 'error occurred, drop was not claimed' when trying to claim first drop?

  • Greyor Griffith 1 year ago

    very helpful thank you, you earned a new sub

  • Gregory Tripp 1 year ago

    How long does it take for the items to appear in my steam inventory

  • Noah Partington 1 year ago

    I watched 3 hours, collected my rewards then realised that u had to "enable" rust drops on your steam account, do i not get my skins now that i have already claimed them before i enable rust drops or whatever

  • Water Spray 1 year ago

    Do the items show up in Steam inventory? I enabled everything and claimed my first drop, but nothing was added to my inventory.

  • HydraXfish 1 year ago

    Why is technobo every youtuber

  • poustevník 1 year ago

    you have nice voice

  • Kraken Demos 1 year ago

    THANK YOU for posting this, I thought that this was dumby-proof, seems straight forward. BUT, I watch Twitch only when I'm killing time on my phone, or on the xbox while doing stuff around the house. ***IF YOU HAVE NEVER SIGNED INTO TWITCH ON YOUR PC IT DOES NOT WORK***… by this i mean, you have to have already signed in on the PC before it gives the option to link accounts, otherwise it just sends you to the twitch homepage, with no information of why. Once you sign in and type the verification code to confirm that it is a new device, you can start over and follow all of the steps in this video. Thanks once again for posting, I just figured this extra information might help a fellow idiot such as myself .

  • Rodrigo Ferreira 1 year ago

    Thanks you very much!

  • Toothy 1 year ago

    Didn't even know rust had twitch drops thanks for the info!

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