Rockstar Games Social Club x Twitch Prime GTA Online and Red Dead Online Benefits

Rockstar Social Club Members who also have Twitch Prime can now link their accounts for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online Benefits.


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  • GeauxBurns 4 months ago

    Thoughts regarding R* x Twitch Prime team up?

  • ulysses navarro 4 months ago

    Is it free tho cuz I'm using my dad's Amazon prime and I don't want to waste money

  • autumnAR 4 months ago

    Gd for u keep buying shark cards u pagan

  • Christopher Sewell 4 months ago

    In my saveing snd their asking me for it

  • Christopher Sewell 4 months ago

    He needs love to I only have $508

  • gameexpert2011 4 months ago

    Well… I'm a college student and found a good reason to get Amazon Prime… so… I got Prime for free 😛

  • OptimaL SkillzZ 4 months ago

    How do i link my steam account to it when it doesnt say steam as an option on that site

  • Antoan Havalyov 4 months ago

    Do I need twitch Prime?

  • C4n3co Doido 4 months ago

    Entendi foi poha nenhuma

  • Sinns 4 months ago

    the expiration date for the offer says april 1st😬

  • sgt_kaneki _ 4 months ago

    When we get the message for our rewards is it from social clubs and will say that i received my in game content? Or am I wrong i’m just asking so i can make sure

  • RoyaleGamingGDC RoyaleGamingGDC 4 months ago

    I linked my Twitch Acc with Social club
    I was gonna do the amazon prime too
    But… As I was tryna do it I read “ By signing in you authorize any subsequent purchases
    On twitch for the next 15 Mins?
    What does that mean ???

  • Pheonix29 10 4 months ago

    Can you guys help me I've been waiting for a day now and I skipped the torturial do I have to redo the torturial and if so how do I do it again for GTA V

  • willieskidd 4 months ago

    can some one help me it keeps saying error whenever i try to sign in my psn on social club

  • FlamesHaze 2B 4 months ago

    still didnt get it

  • Lynx 4 months ago

    I link my account to twitch prime and got the money. A few days later I was on the loading to GTA 5. The loading screen didn’t show “Welcome to Rockstar Games Social Club and Twitch Prime Benefits.” Has that that happened to anyone else? It started yesterday.

  • Search Searching 4 months ago

    simple Quetion
    Do i Need Amazon prime ?
    ( i already have Twitch prime and also Claim in Rockstar club Member , after 4 days still havent pop out )

    amazon prime now no free 30day trial for me if Need this then i just give up

  • Gravity 4 months ago

    Can you please help me it says that I need to complete the tutorial but I don’t know what tutorial

  • ryan walker 4 months ago

    thank you i could not get on the website but that link helped a lot

  • Tuahidul Tahir 4 months ago

    I’ve did it like 2hrs ago still haven’t have my money ;(

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