Priest \ How To STREAM on TWITCH TV using OBS(2016 UPDATE)

Priest shows you how you can stream on twitch tv using OBS.
This is 2016 update from my previous video.
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  • AlbertsAlbert 3 years ago


  • Insano draws and plays 3 years ago

    are you a priest

  • Abbosbek Khudayberganov 3 years ago

    da faq i have 10,000 upload speed

  • Its ya boiii naked molerat 3 years ago

    I did the speed test and it says I have 93,000 down and 30,000 up I followed all the steps and my stream runs at like 1 frame per minute

  • Ben Z. 3 years ago

    Wtf, you go from "Download this" to "Ok, open dashboard and the file you just downloaded" how tf do i set a the file?

  • Mr Realm 3 years ago

    hint: drop the intro

  • d r 3 years ago

    can you do some on scene usage and transition usage please?

  • konrad konrad v2 3 years ago


  • Sean _ 3 years ago


  • Pixel Gecko 3 years ago

    too much for me.. imma just play games

  • RoscoePlayz 3 years ago

    lit intro

  • Red Devils Gaming 3 years ago

    why would you show your stream key lol

  • Tey Yu Xuan 3 years ago

    "when it gets red you're fcked"

  • LXIX- Blu 3 years ago

    "if it gets red.. you are fucked." xD

  • DukeOfImmorality 3 years ago

    My screen is always black no matter what I do or what I stream, can someone help?

  • Mathew Lindsay 3 years ago

    I got 23.47mbps for upload speed. Is that bad?

  • arbuzas2626 3 years ago

    one year and its the same

  • Simon Martinsen 3 years ago

    Cant find the website on the internet speed

  • Mattpants 3 years ago

    make another one pllllllllllllllsssssssssssssssssss

  • Toad's Gaming and Tech 3 years ago

    upload speed at 470 kilobits…don't think im going anywhere

  • addi0168 3 years ago

    i have 82k upload speed xD

  • Cllaws MC 3 years ago

    I have a faster internet speed than you but it is not letting me steam, keeps ocoming up with an error saying that I have lost host connection

  • IosifJ 3 years ago

    intro song please ?

  • TheKingfinGamer 3 years ago

    My kb rate was 6500 so I set it to 3500 I'm still scared to stream.

  • M1A300 3 years ago

    that cant be right……. says upload speed 96010….. i guess 5G is realy good

  • JSC 3 years ago

    dude thank you so much

  • X Camezutio 3 years ago

    13403, my upload speed was 13403 kilobits… guess im putting 3500 up XD

  • ewingcartooner97 3 years ago

    is this dude stupid he leak he steam key

  • Dr. Fiji 3 years ago

    lol i had 12000 upload speed

  • StaffOnly95 3 years ago

    i have 80,000 upload speed and it lags when i put the bitrate to 2,000….. whyyy?? pls help!

  • Adam Lamb 3 years ago

    If it turns red…. You are F**ked… LOL

  • Rafael Rincón 3 years ago

    Jesus christ lower the volume on your video

  • TheNickRhino 3 years ago

    why is my stream key un highlighted it wont even let me change it

  • Elmeri Kinnunen 3 years ago

    i got 60559 download and 98952 upload

  • Fredune 123 3 years ago

    fuck you

  • HappyHusbandn Wife 3 years ago

    Streaming but no one is watching **

  • FottoX 3 years ago

    how bitrate i: Ping: 30ms, DOWNLOAD SPEED: 17392 And 2162 Upload SPEED

  • Luca Catherall 3 years ago

    is it better having more or less kbps i have 30154 download speed and 27743 upload speed is that any good?

  • Priest 3 years ago


  • kys 3 years ago

    kilobytes or kilobits?

  • pretender2u 3 years ago

    Videa is usless, new version is compeltly diferent.

  • Fuzely 3 years ago

    7:28 hahaha

  • Zempahh Playz 3 years ago

    Oml I got 27446 Download Speed & 12628 Upload speed

  • iceranights 3 years ago

    its not the same

  • cliche 3 years ago

    did he show his stream key?

  • Bridge Boo 3 years ago

    i got 29k upload speed?

  • PotatoChips23415 3 years ago

    I hit in the 5000s lol

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