PC GAMING TWITCH SETUP | Elgato HD60, Mic, Any Headset, Chat, Webcam, Settings, Video Tutorial 2019

Complete Twitch streaming tutorial series 2019:
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Links to all recommended hardware:

Best Gaming Headsets:

Turtle Beach Stealth 700’s:
PS4/PC – https://amzn.to/2Lm72jn
Xbox/PC – https://amzn.to/2mFNRSQ

Astro A40’s:
PS4/PC – https://amzn.to/2OaeImm
Xbox/PC – https://amzn.to/2LvVDfR

Best Microphones:

Audio Technica AT2020 USB (High End USB):

Blue Snowball (Budget USB):

Elgato HD60 Capture Card:

Cables and Adapters:

Tendak HDMI Optical Splitter (PS4 Slim Users):

CTIA Y Splitter Cable (Wired Headset Users):

Y Splitter 2 Female (Wired Headset Xbox Users):

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PS4 Twitch Setup Tutorial Here:

Xbox one Twitch Setup Tutorial Here:

Full Playlist:


0:00 + Intro
0:45 + Important Links and Info
1:35 + How To Use This Tutorial
2:37 + Terminology
3:34 + PC Recording/Streaming

4:38 ** Equipment: Elgato Capture Card (Separate PC’s)
5:15 + Equipment: Gaming and Recording/Streaming PC
6:16 + Equipment: Recommended Headsets
7:07 + Equipment: Wireless or Wired Headset
7:28 + Equipment: Microphone
8:45 + Equipment: Webcam

9:30 + Setup: Webcam
9:59 ** Setup: Elgato HD60 (Separate PC’s)
11:07 + Setup: Headset + Mic

11:07 + Prep

13:49 Discord Install and Settings
15:36 ** Voicemeeter Install and Settings (Separate PC’s)

17:40 + PC Settings
20:34 + Recording/Streaming


^ 75%Code: YOUTUBE-X_0

Further Info:

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  • Pour Whitney 1 year ago

    the absolute BEST tutorial ever! Thank you so much friend! I am sharing this with my friends that are looking to start streaming soon, it is insanely helpful!

  • TGxNightshade 1 year ago

    I did this and can't get my mic audio to go to my streaming pc from my gaming pc

  • Kuwru 1 year ago

    The only helpful video for both amazing

  • LuGNuTT 1 year ago

    Quick question will an Elgato capture card record game chat audio on pc no console? If so will I need a Elgato gaming chat link? I've been trying to look for an answer but haven't seem to find one.

    Thank you

  • Eric Lu 1 year ago

    This is th best video ever that could help everyone with their streaming career start. Really appreciate for your work. However, I still had a problem right now. When I use my logic usb wireless headset, on voicemeeter, I had to leave the A on A1 to be on so the whole sound system would be functional, otherwise I wont hear any sound. But if I do that, then i would hear the echo from myself. I totally followed your setting, both my pc are fine but just that.

  • Montgomery Draper 1 year ago

    Hey thanks for the tutorial it has really helped me out but I have 1 issue still. Can I mute my laptop without muting my headset?

  • Joshua Rope-watts 1 year ago

    Hey I can hear random on in game chat but not myself, they can here me. any ideas? on a dual set up gaming pc steam laptop using th HD and corsiar hs45 headset.

  • Torsoman 1 year ago

    is this gonna work on my imac as a streaming pc?

  • brop420 1 year ago

    I keep hearing my own voice in the headset how do I stop it.

  • TheParadox116 1 year ago

    I can’t use my Mac laptop and gaming desktop together?

  • Lukas Voigt 1 year ago

    Great video, the only thing is that when i plug my elgato the primary screen zooms in and its resolution goes down as well that the primary screen switches to my other monitor

  • Its Titan 1 year ago

    DUDE YOUR A LIFE SAVER. I watched so many tutorials on how to setup pc streaming Because I do both ps4 and wanted to do certain pc games and all the other tutorials didn’t help and got me so frustrated I almost sumit1g my monitor lol. But this really helped thank you so much 🙂

  • Arrow_ 1 year ago

    i am streaming ps4 with elgato hd60 going to my labtop, snowball mic and rig 700s headset. im streaming to twitch do you have a link for alerts and set ups with my equipment? thank for the awesome vids!

  • XXLonWolfxX1 1 year ago

    So when i did the step where you set your microphone to listen on the elgato, it's not picking up any audio. I use an elgato HD60s. Any help? It's the last step

  • Birdchips 1 year ago

    so if your just recording on a single pc setup can you use a elgato hd 60 s

  • Zach Mein 1 year ago

    My microphone audio for a dual stream pc isnt going too my streaming pc any tips? Did what is in the video watched it over and over too make sure I did it right not sure what to do. Thank you

  • Zach Mein 1 year ago

    Lovely demo thank you!

  • BAREBONEZ GAMING 1 year ago

    NO ONE here on YT breaks down any video like this, he details the times of each segment, tells you not to watch the whole video. Awesome work dude!! 👍🏾

  • Jimmy Kn1ves 1 year ago

    I still cant get game chat to come through my stream. I have dual monitor, xbox, PC, Elgato and turtle beach stealth 700

  • Papayon 1 year ago

    will this capture my 144 hz moniter? I am using hd60s with a dual pc setup, very nice tutorial btw!

  • Sobrvision 1 year ago

    My pc do not have Hdmi what do i do?

  • SuPaSAAD 1 year ago

    Your Video is the best, I have been trying to setup my dual PC Gaming and Streaming rigs. Thank you so much. Continue watching.

  • Cascade 1 year ago

    What about ws858 mic does it have a great quality?

  • Game Fleek Gamer 1 year ago

    broooo this is the best vid for 2 pc streaming

  • Chanetzhos 1 year ago

    Hi man! I couldn't get it working with the sound part when u send from voicemeeter to the streaming PC It seems like I can't find that Elgato options in A2 do I need to install Elgato softwares on the gaming pc aswell ? I need help with this cause it's been a struggling to get everything work… However awesome video man!

  • Fearaway 1 year ago

    Why is this not capturing my Gaming PC audio?!? I'm struggling so hard. It worked the first time I did this but i've not streamed in 1.5 months and it's being a nightmare!!

  • DeepSpaceJanitor 1 year ago

    I used your tutorial to build my dual PC streaming setup. You nailed this presentation. I tried other solutions but they weren't as good as what you presented. Thanks.

  • Champ’s Gaming Channel 1 year ago

    dude thank you so much for this i just completed my first pc build

  • John Braman 1 year ago

    can you use a ryzen 5 2400g for the second pc?

  • Reeker Joker 1 year ago

    You put so much effort into this you deserve more recognition for it and helped me out a bunch

  • Chi Vibes 1 year ago

    duuude, best tutorial EVER! very well explained. Appreciate a lot my brother, wishing the best for you! =]

  • Prodigy 1 1 year ago

    My A40 headset earmuff thingy keeps coming off in the middle of me playing.

  • Prodigy 1 1 year ago

    And another comment what is the best PC (on a budget) to start off of.

  • Prodigy 1 1 year ago

    I recommend the Astros A50's over the wired A40's Pro.

  • Remmy Lebo 1 year ago

    Well Done Team Alpha Gaming Approves 😉

  • Shahil Shameel 1 year ago

    You are the best at giving tutorial

  • Mark Smith 1 year ago

    Im STRONGLY AGAINST using a capture card for dual pc streaming… first of all, save your money! the ndi plug in with obs is free! Second, if you are using a 1080p 60hz monitor that's fine but if you're trying to play and stream games above 1080p 60 hz such as 1440p 144hz, you won't be able to with a capture card. Capture cards will limit your main monitor to 1080p 60 hz.

    I say this with experience because i use dual pc's for streaming and i used a capture card in the beginning. The ndi plug in is the only way to go. But again if you don't have a monitor that's above 1080p 60hz then this doesn't apply to you

  • Beedy KH 1 year ago

    Thank you!

  • Billy 1 year ago

    Nice video to get started and a little mistake with the cpu for single pc you're talking about the i5 6600k the 6700k is an i7. Also you don't need the scarlett 2i2 you can opt for the cheaper solo as it has the same pre amps so sound quality is identical the only difference is it only has one xlr input and 1 1/4" input so unless you wanted a podcast or something you don't need the 2i2.
    You can also stream on a single lower end PC as long as you have a hd7000 series or higher AMD card or gtx 650 or higher nvidia card so you can use the NVENC codec for nvidia which is used for shadowplay and I believe there's some kind of AMD codec that just works but not sure on which cards all I know is that it worked on my r9 290x I used to own but for older gpus you would need to install the AMF codec plugin. Only problem you will face is you can't get away with lower bitrates so you will need to run Max bitrate for the best quality and probably for fast paced games you would want to stick to 720p60 at least for the 3500 limit that twitch has so having the quality feature unlocked would probably be better for anyone watching with slower internet or without the quality feature you would probably have to use 720p30 at 2500 bitrate so people can still watch and YouTube has no limit and doesn't have the quality restriction so streaming with gpu codec is better suited for YouTube.
    Hope some of this helps 😁

  • Slyhound 1 year ago

    The Alpha isn’t a gaming computer though…

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