OBS Tutorials – Show Date, Time, Countdown, Twitch Viewers or even System Info

0m0s Intro
1m0s Install the Date and Time Plugin
2m0s Use the Date and Time Plugin
5m50s Snaz features
9m10s Add Snaz features to OBS

Date Time Plugin
CLR Host Plugin (1.0-3 2013/08/10)


Open Broadcaster Software

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  • Steve de Jong 2 years ago

    seriously out of date!

  • Mario_main 2 years ago

    Bist du ein deutscher hast ein bischen ein deutschen Dialekt

  • sirgonads 2 years ago

    Looking for a weather widget without having to use a weather url, any idea ?

  • Parishna 2 years ago

    So this does not work with OBS Studio 21.1.2. In fact, there is nothing I can find anywhere that will allow me to have the date and time overlayed on the screen. This should be built in, not a plugin, that needs another plugin that is not updated to work with newer versions….

  • LOSTCADE 2 years ago

    Not working on OBS studio 21 🙁

  • IT9GameLog 2 years ago

    I have made a script which shows the timer on OBS Studio, requires no software installation, no Snaz, and it's open source.
    Head straight to 03:45 if you want the demo/details.

  • Alex G. 2 years ago

    SNAZ ist ja mal ziemlich genial. So lassen sich Probleme lösen. Thx fürs Video.

  • TheoLogosDotNet 2 years ago

    I am running OBS on Linux MInt – where is the plugin folder for Linux?

  • ניר וקנין 2 years ago

    i friend i make football game in live
    scoreboard i will make with photoshop
    but i dont know how to make time of the game in obs
    can you help me please?

  • drumstudio2000 2 years ago

    Hi, Ive instaled CLR and snaz in obs studio latest version, and all what im seen when using snaz is a text , not a countdown… what im missing? thanks!

  • Trung Nguyễn 2 years ago

    how to show date and time in OBS Studio?

  • Zescht 2 years ago

    Somehow does not work for me! I do what you say but somehow I got OBS in Programms and Programmsx86
    I replace my actual CLR plugin how you said in the tutorial, doesn't work.

  • tray pendland 2 years ago

    what about for mac? my pc is unbareably slow (4GB of RAM, and i much rather use my up-to-date mac

  • IchBinGlitchinKing 2 years ago

    Hörst dich an wie ein deutscher haha

  • DweilOnSteroids 2 years ago


  • Aetohatir 2 years ago

    I need a plugin that works with OBS Studio

  • Jeffrey Rich 2 years ago

    So I tried out the date time plugin, does it no longer work?

  • TheDiamond Traveller // Live Stream 2 years ago

    I can't get Snaz becouse I got a mac 🙁 somebody help me please

  • LavosBR Plays 2 years ago

    I'm very interested in learn about Dynamic Files and how to use it.

  • JasperTube 2 years ago

    is possibble put followers count instead that the wievers?

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