OBS Tutorial: Twitch Chat Overlay for Viewers!

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Having your Twitch chat overlaying your game is probably just as essential as a face-cam these days. It allows non-chatty viewers to go full screen while still allowing them to keep and eye on the chat feed. It also benefits anyone watching post-stream either on Twitch or YouTube. They’ll now be able to see what you’re responding to!

1. You need Google Chrome & OBS

2. You should download BetterTTV here: http://goo.gl/xB40jr

3. Adjust the settings as seen in the video

4. Do not minimize or cover the Chrome Twitch Chat window, and make sure it’s the only Chrome tab open to avoid conflicts

5. For playing games in full screen mode, you’ll need a second monitor for it to update itself. As a streamer, a second screen should be your goal anyway, so I recommend buying a cheap one from Amazon or eBay.

6. If you’re playing full screen, and don’t have a second monitor, then I suggest downloading this, although I don’t think it looks as nice: http://www.nightdev.com/obschat/

That’s it! It should now work!

PS: I know of no program that can actually add the chat over the game while playing, and quite frankly I think that would be too distracting to the gamer. Streamers use a second screen for a reason.



  • Critical Wolf 44 6 years ago

    my chat is just black please help

  • Cyglox 6 years ago

    I only have one screen, but i am streaming…
    Just started so is it a must to have when you first start streaming?

  • Geometry Dash Tfga 6 years ago

    my bttv don't have black screen (chroma key) 🙁

  • Skidz Sideways 6 years ago

    What about PS4 can you overlay like that because the one that you get default looks ugly and too big

  • Cipher_IzSrS 6 years ago

    you sound just like Thoughty2!

  • Mercury Black 6 years ago

    Awesome Video though by the way, it really helped a lot, when it does detect it

  • Mercury Black 6 years ago

    My issue is that it just doesnt detect the game window, even when I made Skyrim windowed mode (as in 800×450)

  • ziilvinas 6 years ago

    black screen

  • Alpha Shadow 6 years ago

    its just a black screen! plz help!

  • TheMaxo1995 6 years ago

    Just black screen. what can I do?

  • J.A. D 6 years ago

    This only works with a second monitor?

  • Hollow 6 years ago

    why doesnt it even show text? its just a black box… pls help?

  • Marksepic Channel 6 years ago

    There is no black chat chroma key anymore?

  • Tronic 6 years ago

    I don't have alpha chat tags. help plz

  • Wombatty 6 years ago

    how did you change your chat font>?

  • Agile Knight 6 years ago

    all that i want is a windowed borderless twitch chat. this tutorial doesn't help me

  • Digital Koala 6 years ago

    doesnt work?? a lot of obs doesbt work just black screen

  • PugsterJosh 6 years ago

    I don't have much room on my desk for a second monitor and there isn't really that much space in my house😟

  • Danielius Zoruba 6 years ago

    didt work on mac!!!!!!!!!

  • Nick Middelbrink 6 years ago

    how does it work for OBS Studio?

  • Barış Gezer 6 years ago

    You can disable Anon Chat in the BetterTTV settings error

  • Miss Ride 6 years ago

    Hey 🙂 good video but I've one monitor and I can't see the chat on my fullscreen game :/ I need inevitably a second monitor to see the chat? thanks for your answer

  • Kristian Skaaning 6 years ago

    can you make a video at we can see how to take a little of a song and put it in the follow sound pls

  • cnicoj 6 years ago

    I cant find the red BetterTTV logo in Twitch please help! :O


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