Now Live Bot, a Discord Bot for stream alerts from Twitch, YTG, Mixer, Picarto or Smashcast

How To Discord: Setup Now Live Discord bot for stream alerts from Twitch, YTG, Mixer, Picarto or Smashcast!

This video titled: “Now Live Bot, a Discord Bot for stream alerts from Twitch, YTG, Mixer, Picarto or Smashcast”, is the 7th installment of my “How to Discord” series.
In just under 10 minutes, this Now Live Discord guide and tutorial video will have you well on your way to automate stream notifications in your Discord server, whether it comes from Twitch, YTG, Mixer, Picarto or Smashcast.

In this “How to Discord” guide and tutorial, I assume that you have already created a Discord server and have access to manage a Discord server. The Now Live Discord Bot tutorial then shows you how to perform each step as you follow along as I setup stream alerts from Twitch, YTG, Mixer, Picarto and Smashcast on my own discord server.

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Video Index:
1. How to setup Now Live in Discord: 00:57
2. Customise Now Live announcements: 01:40
3. Manage Discord stream alerts: 05:45
4. Filter Now Live alerts by games: 07:19

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1. Connect Your Accounts:
2. Manage Your Channels:
3. Manage & Structure Roles:
4. Dyno Bot Quick Guide:
5. Custom Dyno Commands:
6. Dyno Bot Music Channel:
7. Now Live Steam Alerts Bot:

Official Discord site:
Official NowLive site:

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  • Y0ken's Domain 4 years ago

    PLEASE NOTE: Feedback from the Dev's
    ==> The correct syntax for "discordStreams" is: -nl config discordStreams #target-alert-channel @rolename
    ==> It's a separate module to manually registered channels.
    ==> Game filters don't work with "discordStreams" command
    ==> "discordStreams" command can ONLY TAKE 1 role parameter (for now)

  • Qulzey 4 years ago

    Are u Irish?

  • Geor kark 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot for the video my friend, but i have a problem , it doesn't announce the streamer's twitch when goes live, i tried to wait up to 15min, but still nothing. What i might have done wrong? Could it be smth i didn't notice from the bot permissions?

  • Jess Kean 4 years ago

    Super helpful, dude! Thank you!

  • Revolution Gaming 4 years ago

    Hey bro when i go offline stream YouTube now live bot delete announcement automatically whyy bro plzz reply me?

  • BtkSabora 4 years ago

    Thank you very useful

  • HybridRP 4 years ago

    Very helpful, liked. Great video!

  • Nathex 4 years ago

    3:17 I'm just getting the bot's Forest Gump reference

  • DerMofa motor77 4 years ago

    hey can you please write the comands down in the comments ??

  • Aleksander Bułka 4 years ago

    Thx man! <3 Like 4 u <3

  • Temba Van Jaarsveld 4 years ago

    Great video dude

  • Lyca 4 years ago

    Can I setup a custom message for specific channels?

  • Ali_Dee_ 4 years ago

    This channel deserves more love! You create helpful and interesting content that I think a lot of people would enjoy. I hope this channel grows into something beautiful. <3 your work Y0ken.
    PS: Your how to discord has really helped me create my discord server. thank you very much! 🙂
    (edit) I tried to join Y0ken's Domain, because it looked like a lot of fun, but the invite was invalid for me?! Do you know why?

  • The Stalcons 4 years ago

    Love your work

  • Ague Mort 4 years ago

    Heya! Now Live's lead dev here… Great video!

  • Josiah Osgood 4 years ago

    hey dude im penguin of master btw i love ur vids


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