New OBS Twitch Login with Chat and Stream Information Windows | OBS Service Integration Tutorial

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  • subskill ツ VALORANT Videos 1 year ago

    I setup my profile with stream key and didn't have a stream info dock panel. So if someone wants to have it he have to connect the twitch account with OBS. Thank you mate!👍

  • android272 1 year ago

    Thank you so much. I used an old version of OBS which had a pannel where you could change your stream information such as title and category but could not find it anywhere. Looked all over the internet and could not find any information on this pannel. I forgot what it was called. I love the twitch integration you show here it is much better then what I had.

  • Leyx 1 year ago

    I closed it and I cant find it in the view>docks it isnt there?

  • abigguitar 1 year ago

    This video is out of date. The latest OBS has no docks available to open for Twitch. Chat and stream information no longer appear in the app. Not sure if it was removed, is a bug or an oversight… but this video is now out of date.

  • Angelina Malone 1 year ago

    Please someone help this noob. ME! I have version 24 and there was no option to "connect account" what's there is my key input and server. How do I get this option? Also if I uninstall/install, will i lose all my scenes? I spent a long time making them. I deleted one once on accident and almost cried. ALSO! How to do I name my profile? It says profile: untitled I don't want to ruin anything again so i've just left it all alone lol

  • Bashworld 1 year ago

    Hey does this only work for windows I have a Mac 🖥

  • beshj 1 year ago

    doesnt work anymore?

  • UBEZERK 1 year ago

    Umm okay I have Obs 24.0.3 and I do not see the connect account button is this still a thing? Ive actually never seen that button.

  • xpydder 1 year ago

    When someone follows me how am my gonna read their name when there is no activity feed

  • lewis mrotzek 1 year ago

    But can the chat window been seen in the live stream? Or does one still have to create a scene with browser Source?

  • Dominik Mrozowski 1 year ago

    Thanks for help man i cant find this how to get chat in obs soo i really thank you <3

  • Don Whitmore 1 year ago

    "You just closed a dockable window. If you'd like to show it again, use the View ->Docks menu on the menu bar."

    For those of us that rushed to click the "do not show again" box… doh

  • Grosslukass 1 year ago

    Thanks for bringing this feature to my attention ^^

  • Hussein Barakat 1 year ago

    How do you get the stream information back when it disappears?

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