MIXER REVIEW – Is now the time to leave Twitch?

MIXER REVIEW – Is now the time to leave Twitch?
Which should you use?

Mixer: https://mixer.com/Djwaters22
Discord: discord https://discord.gg/aZUQsp4
Twitter: @djwaters



  • djwaters22 2 years ago

    Thanks for watching! Make sure to comment your opinion and check my Mixer out here : https://mixer.com/Djwaters22

  • Honest Jason 2 years ago

    the only reason i don't like twitch is because of how they handle and allow boob streamers. i really have no respect for a platform that allows that sort of activity.

  • Retrogamer timeTravler 2 years ago

    I had a lot of luck on Yt and ready for something different I'm I go back and forth between mixer and twitch

  • CraftingAgent 2 years ago

    I switched to mixer and would appreciate it if you checked me out 🙂

  • SoulGaming 2 years ago

    This sure helped me!! Thanks man, I've give twitch a shot but just like you said. Saturated it is.

  • Zalsin 2 years ago

    @Djwaters22 , let me start off by saying great video . do you think it still a place to start if you want to get into streaming. I just started recently on twitch again after recovering my account . Its a huge struggle atm with so many others like you said! Is mixer still possible to grow a community ?

  • Keagan Legit 2 years ago

    I plan on streaming on mixer tommorrow. This is the best time to try and become a streamer. Stream Consistently ,Build a fan base, and watch how fast you will become a professional streamer.

  • Iacon Dawnshire 2 years ago

    Only good thing about Mixer is the sub second delay relay

  • Will Verrall 2 years ago

    I got featured on the hype thing on fortnite and I had 250 viewers. It's awesome

  • JC PRODUCTIONS 2 years ago

    loved your video man. so true, how are you doing now ? stayed on mixer?

  • DrBald 2 years ago

    My first mixer follower was SoChill. Threw me my first follow after welcoming me to mixer and said if I need any help with anything just ask. I just started this month, I went back to twitch a couple days and instantly missed mixer. It’s gonna be my main streaming platform and I sure hope it grows. Community interaction with the super low delay (if any with FTL) is incredible for just hanging out with viewers

    To piggy back on my first follower he is a verified streamer with over 10k followers. Super humble super awesome just like almost everyone on there!

  • 192357 2 years ago

    Nice video I like it and will try to apply this to my channel.

  • SirTravisDraco 2 years ago

    Thx man great vid. I just started mixer and love the community. Can't wait to stream everyday because of all the great people there.

  • egodbout2 2 years ago

    how donations work on mixer? with streamlab? can u subcrisbe?

  • BarbecueBoy 2 years ago

    hey man, I just made my first d2 vid. I mention you at the end and put a link to u in the description. You should check it out! should be uploaded in like 45 mins as it is uploading right now

  • Yukmout B 2 years ago

    As long as mixer does t have preteen virgins spamming constantly and saying the n word in ur games just to be on stream , its gotta be better

  • LaddRusso91 2 years ago

    Man, I love you but nowadays I'm real busy and don't really have the time to watch streams in general.
    As a viewer it's kind of dificult to switch to a new site since basically everyone I watch is on twitch. I think this is probably the case for most of your viewers.
    Hopefully I'll have some time during the weekend, if you're gonna stream.
    Either way, competition for twitch can only bring progress, hopefully.

  • needlequill 2 years ago

    Mixer is objectively superior to twitch. Unfortunately it's just not as popular, and popularity is most of the time the deciding factor

  • McHajmus 2 years ago

    as twitch user (not broadcaster) i dont see reason to leave twitch. Its ok.

  • ImVeryBrad 2 years ago

    Hmm mixer. Haven't heard of that

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