mIRC Tutorial – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #2 – Basic Scripts – Twitch Commands

How to add commands to your chat bot in irc or twitch chat! This shows you how to make your own custom bot which replies to users.

Pastebin Script: http://pastebin.com/46hSxmFg

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  • McRambro 2 years ago

    The subscribe button in the video is annoying as fuck.

  • MaestrooJ 2 years ago

    can you help me to get a mIRC ?? Like i mean … can you make one ?

  • ESCHedge 2 years ago

    stop zooming in on random things it makes it hard to see

  • Brandon Van Scoy Cloud 2 years ago

    I cannot seem to get my msLDev to sync with my mIRC. when I save the commands.ini file it seems to be nowhere to be found on msLDev. Can't even open the file normally through open

  • gggccc 2 years ago

    ur subscribe thing top left is so annoying

  • VijoPlays 2 years ago

    Took me some time to get it right, but this is what the command looks like in the end:


    if ((%floodYOUTUBE) || ($($+(%,floodYOUTUBE.,$nick),2))) { return }
    set -u300 %floodYOUTUBE On
    set -u600 %floodYOUTUBE. $+ $nick On


    (Modified it myself, as I wanted this one for a specific Youtube command and I also prefer a bigger timer to prevent spam.)
    Feel free to copy pasta it. 🙂

  • StephanieStarfall 2 years ago

    also you are talking way too fast and the text is so small and the resolution is bad that i cant see what you are typing in the script editor. when i CAN understand what you are saying you are actually quite helpful! i just wish you would slow down, speak clearly, and be mindful of us not being able to see whats in the video because of the resolution and also the subscribe icon is obstructing the view of things that we need to see!!!

  • StephanieStarfall 2 years ago

    when you say you are gonna put a link in the description, it would be really helpful if you actually put it there so we dont have to go on a goose hunt looking for the damn site!!!!!!!! smh

  • Bruiser TV 2 years ago

    Dude, your old tutorials were so much better than this. Seriously, you downgraded a whole lot and it actually irritates me the way you describe things now.

  • Karmah Vercoe 2 years ago

    dudes fuckn useless at explaining shit in detail

  • Pikachu Thunderbolt 2 years ago

    I just figured out the website
    mSLDev Official Website

  • Pikachu Thunderbolt 2 years ago

    you say too quick that idk what you are talking about at 1:40 can you tell me what you said?

  • Oxizo 2 years ago

    Too complicated.

  • Maximus Argentus 2 years ago

    wtf is going on? I'm loaded into my server, made exactly the same command as you posted here and nothign happens when I type the command. Also, other people in my chat are not showing up in mIRC, and their comments aren't either.
    When I type into mIRC it shows up on my twitch channel just fine, commands won't execute though.

  • first last 2 years ago

    Please pay more attention to screen moving in editing

  • Oqrui 2 years ago

    Need help, anyone know how to make commands for certain channels for example im connected to 3 channels and only want the command to wotrk in one of them. how do i do it

  • Arensi 2 years ago

    Solid video. Thanks

  • IAmANinja100 2 years ago

    My bot doesn't recognize anyone is in the chat but itself so I can do proper if then statements. It doesn't recognize mods either.

  • Steps Erino 2 years ago

    so i found out how to do a sub welcome command and a randomize command is it now possible to mix then so you have different welcome messages? if so can anyone help?

  • Niakan 2 years ago


  • TD3BUF 2 years ago

    I really appreciate the videos you make on chat bots. It has helped me a ton. Keep up the good work.

  • Vladislav 2 years ago

    following your actions can not I see a list of users How do I fix this?

  • Cameron Sallis 2 years ago

    the if ($nick isop #) {messes everything up and makes the command not work for any of my mods

  • Mike Viani 2 years ago

    I tried downloading mSLDev and it wont open no matter what I do. Please help

  • Philippe De Keyzer 2 years ago

    when I connect it connects but it says USERHOST Unknown command, what does this mean? also chat doesn't show up in my mIRC and the scriping does not work even if I copied it exactly

  • Lightning Studios 2 years ago

    What is the download link?

  • Rikku Kirru 2 years ago

    Can you remove the Subscribe Icon from the top corner from the video it obstructs the video being shown whenever you do something in that corner.

  • PSCLEGEND 2 years ago

    even when I follow your exact steps, nothing happens when I try to prompt it in chat

  • WoopWoop123 2 years ago

    Very great job, though you should move the subscribe thing on screen. Its blocking off things you do and then u say something really fast and then it pops up I have to replay it 15 times to find what you ment. Put it maybe on the lower right side istead. Then we can both subscribe and see what to do. Great work man !

  • Kaisen Ostler 2 years ago

    Good videos on the mIRC. I am new to making a bot and your videos have helped a ton man. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  • McKon 2 years ago

    You should move the subscribe button, maybe to
    the bottom right or something as it is in the way sometimes. Subscribed already so I don't need it over the text I'm trying to read 😛

  • Emily 2 years ago

    You should move over to better irc interfaces, a simple one would be python.

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