mIRC – How to make a Twitch Chat Bot #1 – Connecting mIRC to Twitch

UPDATED VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt7XI0hw6Gc

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So basically it got outdated dew to twitch’s new chat server system. Click the annotation for the latest video on how to connect the bot to the new servers! NEW VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt7XI0hw6Gc

Download mIRC here: http://adf.ly/RNXps

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  • gggccc 2 years ago

    ur mIRC link is fake….what the hell is that about man, trying to hack us or something?

  • Ratchet_68 2 years ago

    How do you mod the user ?

  • FACEL3SSGaming 2 years ago

    If getting unable to resolve server you can use irc.chat.twitch.tv as well

  • Zane 2 years ago

    What happens when the 30 days run out?

  • Condolent 2 years ago

    you should make an ep. on when someone follows! So when someone follows, your bot would say something in chat!

  • lmariscal 2 years ago

    Hi guys if you know at least the basics of java you might be interested. Im working on a Lib to connect and make bots as easy as eating πŸ™‚
    Link: https://github.com/CavariuX/TwitchIRC

    PD: Sry for posting this but no own knows my lib and I think it would be a good tool, and it is still in beta but its pretty complete thnxs for reading πŸ˜€

  • WildCam_ 2 years ago

    is there a way to get around on paying the money? (other then doing the 30 day limit)

  • Itchibara 2 years ago

    Unable to resolve server

  • flames 2 years ago

    Im making a bot for my friends twitch. How do i know his irc server?

  • D7e9 2 years ago

    guys i want from my bot to welcome new subs can any one help me plz

  • Best Of Trap Music 2 years ago

    Im typing in the IRC connected to my channel and im not seeing my bot in chat

  • EmmPlays 2 years ago

    how do we make the bot welcome new viewers upon arrival?Β 

  • delizious 2 years ago

    Your accent makes me moistΒ 

  • Journey Dougan 2 years ago

    Mine keeps saying "Unable to resolve server." I'm doing it the way you said to…

  • MLGN__BlackBird 2 years ago

    Dude you said how to make a Twitch chat but your connecting to Jtv

  • JesseThaBest 2 years ago

    If you do this and have problems with twitch not receiving messages from the IRC Client, make sure the channel you join is also in lower case letters, had it and someone just told me about it and it works now. πŸ˜€

  • Reaper Airsoft 2 years ago

    Yo bro, i think i got you on skype… Me and some other streamers need you… Could you post me a message.. (We were going to make a minecraft server in the past.)

  • husky7876 2 years ago

    is this the only way to do it?

  • DavidChongTV 2 years ago

    *Unable to Connect To Server (Network Is Unreachable)

  • Emilio Navarro 2 years ago

    i need make a script for my bot follow channel's with !follow
    example : !follow crontv
    can u help me pls?

  • technoSelf 2 years ago

    Hey man, I was wondering if you would be interested in helping me get your point system fully functional on my twitch channel in exchange for some visual/video work for your channel. My skype: is "gwapes9"

  • Van Neyghem Jorn 2 years ago

    I can't connect to it…
    "Connecting to username.irc.twitch.tv (6667)

    * Unable to resolve server"

  • TrentMcfarlane 2 years ago

    Same thing here.

  • W0lfZero 2 years ago

    i get the samething…

  • Akaigetsu 2 years ago

    My Bot won't connect… I get an error,
    * Connecting to Viruzbot.jtvirc.com (6667)

    * Disconnected

  • Jubawub 2 years ago

    I keep getting
    * Connecting to twinkiebot.jtvirc.com (6667)

    * Disconnected
    what's going wrong?

  • Les Paul 2 years ago

    Awesome, thanks for the tip. Btw, would you know why the chat room users list does not populate. It shows the room as empty although I can send and receive messages. The problem with that is you can't trigger any of the bot commands from twitch if the user list does not show up.

  • Les Paul 2 years ago

    Alright cool thanks. I have another questions. How do you give someone op in twitch chat? The irc command /mode * +o does not work and if you type the twitch command which is /mod "username" irc states the command is invalid.

  • Les Paul 2 years ago

    This is the code that displays the message:

    alias -l msg.trivia.stopped { return $e2(The trivia has ended.) }

    And this is the code that triggers that above message.

    alias strivia {

    set -u3 %ident $1
    if ($team) { strivia.teammode }
    else if ($getset(status,bot)) {
    if ($getset(Var $+ $idenn, Lastwinner) == $2) { setset Var $+ $idenn Row 0 }
    tsay $msg.trivia.stopped
    if ($thget(Current) >= 10) { tsay $strivia.end($triv(Record)) }
    award RoundStop $thget(Current)


  • Les Paul 2 years ago

    Thank you for the fast reply I really appreciate it. I have actually stopped using the previous method and gone about doing something different with the current project I am working on but I have run into another small problem. I am using a Trivia script I found online and the problem I am running into is at the end of the trivia. I have it set to either end once a player gets 10 points or after the 10th question the bot asks and what happens is the final closing message ( which simply states…

  • MasterBYT 2 years ago

    Is there a MIRC program for mac?

  • Les Paul 2 years ago

    this is an example of the script i used.

    on *:TEXT:Who did Puzzle defeat in 2011?:#: { msg $chan Puzzle (Protoss) defeated Tassadar (Protoss) 4-2 to win the Pepsi Global StarCraft II League July Code A Championship. }

    Is there something wrong with the script? I've written out a few before this and they seem to be working fine. Like i said, after about the 10th command i wrote, the rest dont work anymore.

  • Les Paul 2 years ago

    Hi, thanks for you help but I seem to be running intro a problem. I've connected mirc to twitch just fine and I even got some basic scripts working like the one you demonstrated. The problem is after about a few basic commands the rest dont seem to be working. I am trying to make a wiki sort of bot which answers questions asked in twitch. The first 5 or so line of commands but the rest dont seem to be triggered for some reason. Is there a limit for the number of remote commands you can create?

  • Ratkanos Archive 2 years ago

    i have a question are a few things, i wonder or u might have the answer.

    Is there a way that i could make a bot like this on an online server so i would not have to run my pc 24/7 for the bot the work, incase people would visit my stream when im not around *or completly offline pc off, etc*

  • MrStreetstart 2 years ago

    with (!) commands is there a way to do them via chat kind of like itakubot?

  • Sparku 2 years ago

    No matter what it closes the socket and i cant connect (i use xChat for mine)

  • ooLuiGi 2 years ago

    i am gonna start streaming D3 and this will help me alot thanks for these videos keep it up.

  • Fire's Misery 2 years ago

    Really great πŸ™‚ I'm waiting for the 2nd part πŸ˜€

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