Mevo Start – First Time Setup Tutorial – Get right onto Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, Youtube etc.

Get your own Mevo Start here!
orrrr here!
This is a tutorial for the Mevo start that gets your from first time bootup to streaming in minutes!
Stay tuned for more tutorials digging into picture controls and more fun settings!

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  • Andrew Clement 12 months ago

    Hey Michael, thanks for such a great tutorial.
    But I'm confused on the connection, does my phone have to be connected to the mevo trough the hotspot, or they both have to be connected to the same network?
    I have been able livestream connecting both the phone and the camera to the same network, but encountered a lot of connection problems between the two ( camera and phone ) even in a strong network signal.
    At this point, I'm lost, don't know if the phone has to be connected to the mevo via hotspot or both trough the network.
    Getting the error, ( error connecting to mevo, retry again )
    Also noticed that it will not connect to a 5G network.

    Can you please, clarify this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Phazza Johnson 12 months ago

    Super video! I applauded for $2.00 👏

  • La Cole Abraham Soto 12 months ago

    Hi questions. First I love your material always so helpful. Second. I just got the mevo start and want to connect my YouTube but it says your account is not setup for streaming to YouTube. How do I make that connection?

  • Lais Novais 12 months ago

    I'm amazed at how well this handles low light my old webcam would get very grainy and pixelated. The autofocus seems good enough for what I'm doing. I haven't tried recording with it yet, so don't know how good the mics are, but my clients seem happy and can hear me just fine.

  • Yusianto Sutanto 12 months ago

    Thank you Michael for very clear tutorial to using Mevo Start. My question : can we control some Mevo Start with single gadget (Android Phone) ?

  • Lemar Foster Jr 12 months ago

    Can I use the mevo camera with the switcher app?

  • Kris Erskine 12 months ago

    Just purchased… this video tutorial is awesome!

  • Mustang Johnny 12 months ago

    Great article on Mevo Start.

  • Sylvia Hubbard 12 months ago

    can you stream more than one at a time? like youtube and fb at the same time?

  • Elmer nordaug 12 months ago

    Nice video, cuestión u can add thumbnail with mevo cam???!!!!

  • Marquita Waters 12 months ago

    I have a scheduled live stream on youtube will I be able to do that with the mevo?

  • Tenderfoot Village 12 months ago

    Hi! Loved the video! How do you add closed captioning to your lives?

  • Patricia Stevenson 12 months ago

    Your videos on Mevo Start are excellent. I think I'm about to purchase for livestreaming outdoor worship for our campus ministry. I don't want to rely on a student's phone and am looking into purchasing a low-cost tablet and connect to ethernet. Any ideas?

  • Mark Hershberger 12 months ago

    Do you know if you can use 2 or 3 mevos in one stream?

  • Karen Me 12 months ago


  • Virginia Mixer 12 months ago

    Your video shows how to add the Mevo Camera app to a Group Page, but will it be necessary to add the app to an organization page? I'[m not finding a place to add an app on our organization's page. My camera is due to be delivered tomorrow, but I'm just trying to do as must preparation before hand to save time.

  • Tom Sramek, Jr. 12 months ago

    You can live-stream on YouTube with under 1,000 subscribers, just can’t have your own URL.

  • MenschMAYER 12 months ago

    Hi there, this cam is more like for a stable position right? Not for walking or driving?! Thx

  • Jason Hoffman 12 months ago

    Great content!! I just started my own journey into streaming and created a channel to document it. Thanks for sharing!

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