Make TWITCH Overlays for FREE Without Photoshop (Tutorial)

A tutorial on how to make Twitch overlays for free in a web browser without using photoshop. Get FREE overlays at


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  • Chaud The Gamer 4 months ago

    Dang this is actually a great tutorial dude!! When I make my custom overlay I'm gonna thank you for sure for making this video!! 😀

  • Boozdy 4 months ago

    Thx man i will thank you till i reach the moon

  • Slimbies Slimes 4 months ago

    how do you add screen share

  • TugaX360 4 months ago

    This weekend I am going to stream for the first time and you just made my life much easier

  • jnartly 4 months ago

    7:20 KEKW!!!

  • Samu Frog 4 months ago

    how do import a jpeg image to edit

  • overflex 4 months ago


  • Lagunas_exe 4 months ago

    This was very helpful great video! but do u think I will be able to do this on an iPad on procreate? It’s because I want to make custom overlay packages for people to make sum cash. But I was wondering if I could send the finished work to someone on pc so they can use them. If anyone has tried or has any idea please feel free to let me know!

  • Bekah Jayne 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for your help with this super helpful / informative video 🙂

  • Panic Player 4 months ago

    Can someone make me a free twitch banner and overlay border please

  • St_Cuthbert 4 months ago

    Thanks to your vids I made my own gif twitch alerts (never made gif before in my life) was pretty fun and I`m very proud of them ^^ ty for making these vids 🙂

  • How To Animate Tutorial 4 months ago

    Thank so much

  • POCCA 4 months ago

    Thank you for your honest upload!! It shows that not everything is intuitive and that software, webpages etc… does not always cooperate. It actually taught me more than any other video on this:) Have a nice morning, day or evening!

  • Slipzz1k 4 months ago

    Is there a way for doing these but making them animated?

  • The Stack Bundles Show 4 months ago

    Aye you got it cutty

  • The Puppet Master 4 months ago

    Overlays are not fee on your website like you say

  • iKsY 4 months ago

    If it's not for print, then 300 ppi is stupid.

  • THESNIPER1992 4 months ago

    Man these help so much thank you

  • Marcus Shoneff 4 months ago

    Why are you so underrated?

  • El_JeFenix 4 months ago

    Also, wanted to share, because I just started working on my own stuff thanks to the video, if you right click on the star icon in the bottom right, it does a custom shape, to the right of Width and Height at the top of the page you will see a category that says shape, they actually have logos already entered into the system that you can choose from, including twitch, and other popular social medias 🙂 hope this helps! <3

  • El_JeFenix 4 months ago

    This is great, i wanted to BUY a custom overlay, but you literally just showed me how to do it for myself, for that, im forever grateful 🙂

  • Rockster Brockster 4 months ago

    never knew this day would come hi i am pretty new to your channel great work man

  • Great Camel 4 months ago

    honestly super helpful. Some of the graphic editors I've found are so limited so hopefully this will help me step up on my graphics for my channels. Thanks a tone mate!!

  • Mees 4 months ago

    I dont understand how i can download from you website😔

  • Nerso 4 months ago

    Man, I love you, your videos are helping me a lot, the mindset and stuff, continue you good work, thank you!!

  • BossmanGTV 4 months ago

    who tf disliked this

  • GZB GEN 4 months ago

    I just found your channel, thank you so much for teaching me

  • GamerJohnnyTV 4 months ago

    Good man

  • SneakMore 4 months ago

    I think the intended name is pho-topia as a utopia word play just my take on it ❤️

  • Mrdragonz102 4 months ago

    oh shit i guess you're in quebec?

  • DJ EGARUCHICK 4 months ago

    Love the video. Ever since you put me on photopea I been making everything there. Thank you.

  • OllyBung 4 months ago

    please make another vid like this i loved it

  • DanDMWG 4 months ago

    I felt like I was learning Photoshop all over again 😊
    Good tutorial and I'm so glad you left the mistakes in, not only does it show you're human, it also makes people able to fix their own mistakes as you explained very well what to do if you do encounter any problems.

  • BRICKHOUSE 4 months ago

    I genuinely love watching your videos.

  • Croatian petaminx 4 months ago

    8/10 things in life people can do for free on their own. Catch is when they do not want to and it is easier to pay someone to do it for you.

  • Lane R. 4 months ago

    Lifesaver! I tried Gimp but it wasn't very intuitive (the mac version) so I usually default to making all my emoticons and thumbnails in…. paint and power point respectively. Can't wait to give this a try, thanks! Looking forward to making my own overlays finally!

  • DM9563 4 months ago

    I absolutely love using photopea. I've used it to make several of my overlays so far.

  • karthik b mohan 4 months ago

    How did you arrange your hair

  • Platesmasher 4 months ago

    great video dude. very useful

  • mitchell morgan 4 months ago

    Just what I needed, I was in your stream today too:)

  • God of Lovers 4 months ago

    I have not seen your videos for a minute, and its nice seeing you have progressed so much! <3

  • SebastienRTeller 4 months ago

    might wanna trim out the email leak part, just saying

  • Veren Vianny 4 months ago

    Wow this is really help!! Thanks a lot, keep it up bro 👊🏿

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