Make TWITCH EMOTES under 5 mins WITHOUT Photoshop (Tutorial)

How to make Twitch emotes without photoshop, without any software, without drawing. Super easy step by step Tutorial guide that will help you create your Twitch emotes in under 5 minutes.

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    really good!

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    Thank you😎

  • Angel 8 months ago

    I have a blacked out save changes tab I cant save it ?

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    Dude just subscribed and started watching u to help with my twitch channel. Super helpful man thankyou!

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    can we get an updated video for this website?

  • Mitchell Shepherd 8 months ago

    best guide ive seen for beginners man , rest have been so complicated , absolute legend

  • DJ Bigmark 8 months ago

    yo you are a true guru of twitch, this saved me time and money. Thank You

  • YourKatNippers 8 months ago

    You had me at FREE!! It’s addictive making emotes lol. My Twitch emotes are awesome.

  • YourKatNippers 8 months ago

    Thank you so much I have a 2019 MacBook Pro. It’s great for editing but sucks at everything else in gaming. I used safari and it worked. I would rather use my own art work!! ❤️😈🤣🤣 I've made a ton of denotes.

  • Codeman_87 8 months ago

    getting these ready for when I hit affiliate which should be soon.

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    Great video my man thanks for the helpful info 👌

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    thank you so much this saved me sm money ily😂💕

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    thanks for the video , very helpful bro 👍👍

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    Omg i just watched al your helping vids and i stream so much beter now thnx

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    Amazing video man. Ive been an affiliate since January 2019 and Im only making my emotes now lol Im lazy

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    OMG thankss. subscribe for you

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    this really helped thank you

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    holy crap thanks

  • Jonathan Mcfarland 8 months ago

    When I look this up the new version is called pixlr x or pixlr e. Create new image and there is different presets. Name emote w & h 500 × 500 but doesn't give option to make background transparent. New to this and wanna make few emotes

  • Ceppi 8 months ago

    thank you so much! You are so helpful! Without you tbh i would be struggling ❤️

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    Massive help especially since its free! Keep up the good content my dude!

  • Lyqxx 8 months ago

    how i can change the size of the image in Photoshop im lost

  • Piarou 8 months ago

    Thanks. This made it very easy to whip up a fast 'stroopwafel'-image for my channel points. Again, Gael LEVEL to the rescue. <3

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