Live Twitch Tutorial: Short Flipbook Introduction

Renée talks about how to use the Flipbook mode in SketchBook to create a very simple chicky animation. Recorded live at C2E2 ! — Watch us at



  • Luka Crawford 2 years ago

    SOME ONE PLZ HELP i don't know why but when i do an animation it can only be 24 frames long why

  • Natix 2 years ago

    Hello together very important question. Is this also an app for the Ipad Pro? Thank you for your answer:)

  • Tash Holly 2 years ago

    My drawing tablet seems so primative compared to yours, its a wacom intuose draw, its still good not going to lie

  • Cozy Comic 2 years ago

    I'm stuck and am in need of help. I imported my images into flipbook and
    set everything up for the export. The problem is when ever I try to
    watch my gif all I get is a black screen. I also can not stretch the
    slider bar to be able to watch my full animation in the
    sketchbook/flipbook program. Anyway to fix these. I have searched the
    web and could not find anything on these.

  • Owli Sketches 2 years ago

    haha, darn, i didn't realize that you could skip frames!!! I have been doing this the hard way, hahahahaha … ha … hmmm

  • DAANUSH 2 years ago

    Bought a graphics tablet, been sketching with a finger on phone since last year for passing time. Can't just wait to use Sketchbook on my desktop. <3

  • BRS Animações 2 years ago

    how can i download it? i have sketch book pro. but i couldn´t find the flipbook on sketch book pro site. can you help me?

  • Omega 2 years ago

    I think Flipbook is great! I only wish I could add audio to my animations.

  • HeyFurb 2 years ago

    Can you ( or you guys ) show us how to do it on mobile? :0

  • Cartoon Coyote 2 years ago

    Is there a way to add audio to the Flipbook animation so I can make a small animated short?

  • Deviprasad Kapileshwari 2 years ago

    Holy moly!!!! I didn't know Sketchbook could do that! O.O Gonna try it now.
    I love Sketchbook. Thank you team for making such an awesome light weight application. Been using it more than Photoshop XD

  • Sebastian Teister 2 years ago

    What i'm missing at the moment is a multi document option. I'm also using Sketchbook for handwritten notes and when a page is full you'd usually continue on the next page. So why is the Flipbook page size limited to 1920 x 1080? The Flipbook would be good as a multi-document navigator. Just remove the size check. Why is it there?

  • Tsiforah Levi 2 years ago

    Does it allow for the animation to have a transparent background ? This needs to be a feature. Thank you Autodesk i love you work, keep it up.

  • Spicey Duckling 2 years ago

    Umm sorry but i gotta now what Drawing tablet do you use (sorry if its something Else Then a tablet) but if you May be able too could you maybe send a link?

  • Guido Lenzi 2 years ago

    She's so cute and more skilled than me 🙂

  • farah hegazy 2 years ago

    I wish I had brushes in my mobile >_<

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