How to View Twitch Chat w/ Just 1 Monitor: Trillian Guide

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New Heart Rate Overlay Tutorial :
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Trillian Link:
IRC Guide:
Account name: what you want
Nickname: same as channelname
port: 6667



  • Rob Hawkins 1 year ago


  • Derpeth 1 year ago

    The hotkey doesn't work.

  • 1Zedd 1 year ago

    Hey SwissMllk ! My Chat window dont appear when I start InfectzMMO or League Of Legends, what should I do?

  • Relidom 1 year ago

    Keeps disconnecting…

  • Zob Rombie 1 year ago

    Great tutorial. thanks.

  • Karaya 1 year ago

    Does this only work when games are in windowed mode or also in fullscreen (not fullscreen windowed)?

  • Marvin Toussaint 1 year ago

    it keeps saying irc is disconnected

  • Theskatemate01 1 year ago

    It wont work 🙁

  • Jester 1 year ago

    Jesus christ would have been nice of you to have said /j space#username . God damnit that was fucking annoying.

  • Spectra1947 1 year ago

    nevermind figured it out

  • Spectra1947 1 year ago

    I cant get the step at 5:09 to work. the part where you type in the /j#yourtwitchaccountname command. any suggestions?

  • kapitalistas 1 year ago

    i guess it eats the bandwidth in back ground.:D

  • Connor 1 year ago

    I can't even get it to connect. This is way to complicated

  • slayer94QC 1 year ago

    You need to update the video cause the trilliant is very different so all u did in the vid is a bit harder to find in the new version

  • Rufiothelostkid 1 year ago

    Saw the comment below about Overwold but I've heard its buggy. Have you tried it and how does it work vs Trillian? 

  • Mr.NoiceGui 1 year ago

    hey so i tried doing it and it will say its trying to connect and then disconnect ive enterned everything the same way you did (but with my info) so is it my internet?

  • Collossus212 1 year ago

    I dont understand half of what this dude said.

  • Daniel Hulgin 1 year ago

    Two other programs do this much better, with really adjustable and clean overlays: The first one is over wolf, the only downside is crossfire and afterburner will not work with it. The other one is raptr, the downside to raptr is you pretty much have to use raptr itself to stream to twitch (instead of obs or ffsplit or xsplit). They are both free, both have size and transparency sliders, both allow you to see and respond to chat from twitch while in game without leaving the game. BIG HUGE PLUS, they are not as ugly or hard to set up as Trillian. Raptr Twitch streaming is super easy and really not much of an impact on performance, but it doesn't have all the options OBS does. But if you just want to stream some gameplay and wont to do it fast with no hassle, raptr is pretty champ.

  • EκαναSubΣτοΥouTubeMac 1 year ago

    Is this working with twitch's commands like /command?

  • BG Shinobi TV 1 year ago

    Help?? It wont let me connect to the server. Why?

  • Thee BeardedNoob 1 year ago

    Great video man thx for the help

  • Max Payne 1 year ago

    The down side is that it will always pop up as long as you play and will drop your frame rate. But good to know I can just use any IRC client to join the chat on twitch.

  • Max Payne 1 year ago

    so twitch is using IRC oh dear GOD.

  • MirmiX 1 year ago

    Good,and helpfull video thx man! 🙂

  • Hephaestus Aetnaean 1 year ago

    hello Swiss i have been having an issue i keep trying to connect to twitch but all i get is error code 10060 i have tried everything please tell me if u have a solution. I have been at this for a while also i sent trillion a discussion on there forum

  • thiocodin w bani 1 year ago

    I type in twitch chat but nothing shows up on trillian.

  • gr Gabria 1 year ago

    I'm a begining streamer , you should change the title of this video , like how to overlay a tchat in game  etc… because to get here i have to search for couple of hours to find a logiciel who can do that etc…

    And a like , man .

  • Rowdy 1 year ago

    mr swiss i join and connect but i dont get any of the chat messages 

  • AngryChewbacca 1 year ago

    for me it always IRC is disconected

  • DNS 1 year ago


  • RubberDuckie TV 1 year ago

    Any way to make it where they cant see that chat on your stream ?

  • LeonhartGR 1 year ago

    Host name:
    server password: The server has changed to and you should use an oauth token as your password –
    Username: channelname
    Don't forget to /j #channelname in the chat box

  • 6o3matty 1 year ago

    This video is out dated and nothing works.

  • Jeanpex 1 year ago

    very cool video man, but only reading the coment letme figure out how to connect… so another video with the Oauthen token would make people's life easier… cya

  • blackoreanation 1 year ago

    Creating connection "shammermoo".
    * Connecting to at port 6667 (SSL is OFF)…
    * Connection established
    * Login unsuccessful
    * Disconnected.
    * Waiting 30 seconds to reconnect (attempt 7 of 10)…
    * Creating connection "shammermoo".
    * Connecting to at port 6667 (SSL is OFF)…        any ideas?

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