How to View Chat in Game with One Monitor – Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer

How to View Chat in Game with One Monitor? In this video, I show you how to view chat from Twitch or YouTube in game with only one monitor using Restream. This means you can play your game and still view your stream chat without having to change windows. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions while you setup in game chat with one monitor.
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Follow the steps below to view your stream chat while in game with one monitor:
1. Go to on your computer and select Get Started to create a new account.
2. Add channels to your Restream account. Channels are the live streaming platforms that you’ll be able to live stream to. These include Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, Mixer, and many more.
3. Once you have added channels, navigate to Chat.
4. Download the Restream Chat for Windows.
5. Install the Restream software to your PC and then open it up.
6. Open the settings then select appearance.
7. Configure the appearance settings to meet your needs. In order to view the chat while in game you must have Always on top enabled. I also recommend bringing the background opacity down to make the window transparent.
8. Start playing your game. The Restream Chat window will remain on top of your game.

Note: In order to live stream a Zoom meeting you must have a paid subscription to Zoom. For this tutorial, I had a the Pro plan. Restream allows you to live stream to over 30 different platforms, including Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Periscope, VK Live, DLive, Dailymotion, kakaoTV, Naver TV, Nimo TV, V LIVE, GoodGame, SmashCast, Huya,, Bilibili, AfreecaTV, Mobcrush, CyberGame, Major League Gaming, Douyu, LiveEdu, Vaughn Live, iNSTAGIB, Breakers.TV, Vapers.TV, Picarto,, FC2 Live, Steam, TELE2, Wowza, and Akamai

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    Do your viewer's see this chat too

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    This isn't free. You have to pay to use this with Facebook

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    Doesn't work bro tried many times to have chat open while playing valorant

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    idk if you mentioned it but you cant use this while in fullscreen right? the game has to be borderless window mode right ?

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    it wont register that the channel has been enabled how do i solve this

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    this is wht im looking for, in mobile i can use omlet arcade for do this, but in pc i cant do this in major app like obs, streamlabs, ets…

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    Is there a way that only you can see the chat in game, while your audience sees the chat in a normal theme style

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    I'm having trouble connecting the chat to my youtube chat

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    This wont work for youtube, could you either make a new video for that or tell me step by step please?

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    I try to write something while I'm offline to check if it works, but it says ' To activate chat, please enable channels', but I already did. Do I have to be live to check if it works?

  • Auggie 4 months ago

    Hey is there a way i could also see alerts like follows or subs?

  • Nikk Nack 4 months ago

    Restream app doesnt allow me to display the live chat on screen while playing since i am using the free version it wont allow me to connect to my public page for gaming.

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    yo, I started the stream everything is ok but it says "To activate chat, please enable channels here" idk what to do i tried everything i could, pls help!!!!

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    Ok I got it to work but I always press in it when I’m playing my game is there anything I can do

  • Jim On iPad 4 months ago

    Mine doesn’t stay in the screen when I press anything well doing it it just disappears

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    it changes my title thumbnail and discription every time I start streaming on youutube help me plz?

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    Does this work on xbox one?

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    Added the Twitch channel and signed in, authorized, but then just get: "To activate chat, please enable channels here." What gives?

  • madsweet5000 4 months ago

    this works but while in game i occasionally accidentally click on the window for the chat which gets annoying so i stopped using it

  • Rahul dragneel 4 months ago

    and if possible make video on nvidia live streaming my chats not showing and i have 1 display

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