How To Use The Video Copilot Twitch Plugin – After Effects Tutorial

Learn how to add all sorts of TWITCHES, GLITCHES and other CHAOS effects to your video using Adobe After Effects and the Twitch plugin.

While you can create all of these effects in Adobe After Effects without any plugins, I am a big fan of the ‘Twitch’ plugin from Video Copilot. It makes it really easy to add all sorts of chaos and distortion to your video and for $50 it’s a really good value for money.

If you want to follow along with the tutorial, you can find the Death Stare footage here:

And if you do want to check out the Twitch plugin from Video Copilot, here is the official page:


You can also follow me here:


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  1. help! i made an AE project with nice twitches in them at 24 fps then when i changed the project's fps to 60 the twitches were to fast, is there a way to slow down the twitch?

  2. i think this plugin is a life safer but i dont think its worth it, you can do everything without the plugin. it will take much longer but to pay 50 bugs to do a effect must faster that you i dont really use that often is a bit expensive

  3. uughh… could not find the cool presets under the twitch folder that is shown at 11 min. HOWEVER, the tutorial was damn helpful! — sigh.. correction… that folder has be installed along with the Twitch preset, basically copy, cut & paste the folder into the presets according presets folder. A step VC did not mention in their installation.

  4. hey I love your tutorials,Please Tobias show in other tutorial how to make this effect green and this noise kinda radio, excuse me for my english but i speak portuguese hahaha see ya!

  5. Thank you x 1,000 lol
    do you have a Tutorial showing how to convert a Video to Black & White ?
    and have an object or a person within the Video, in Color ?

  6. Thank you for the tutorial! I have a question though. I already have my sequence edited in premiere, but i'd now like to add some twitch transitions in after effects. What would be the best way to do this? I have the video copilot plugin. Thank you!

  7. I am working on a tutorial that involves "Jumper" teleportation I was looking online and I can't seem to find a good video for it! Love the way you explain stuff is there a way you can make a video that would help me with this?

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