How to Stream XBOX ONE to TWITCH at 1080p with NO PC NEEDED! (Easy Method)

Do you want to know how to stream your XBOX one to TWITCH at 1080p with NO PC NEEDED? Broadcast your XBOX ONE GAMEPLAY at full high definition to twitch. The twitch application on XBOX ONE provides your an option to “BROADCAST” your xbox one gameplay from the app itself. This will provide you a bunch of different options like having a volume slider for your game sound, party chat, and microphone level. Very useful options!

If you do not have the twitch application on your xbox, go to the microsoft store and download the application. It will require you to sign in before streaming. Scroll to the right on twitch to “broadcast”. Under here you will find an option to start streaming your xbox one gameplay to twitch. Although, you won’t be able to add overlays to your stream, it will still look very good. …

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  • YourSixGaming 9 months ago

    Let me know in the comments below if this video helped you out!

  • HadiOmran 9 months ago

    Can I put comment section on twitch on console

  • Randy Martinez 9 months ago

    How do I see you chat

  • TURKO2424 9 months ago

    Has anyone had problems while streaming the stream is kinda grainy for me resolution isn't the best

  • rp nation 9 months ago

    How do u see chat

  • GProductions770 9 months ago

    How to you apply a camera ?

  • Naturally Najia 9 months ago

    A can not for the life of me find out where to put the code at.😭

  • Jonathan Jones 9 months ago

    Thank you very much for explaining the best how to for this subject thank you

  • The Renegade 9 months ago

    How do i have my voice be heard to audience while playing using ny headset

  • MyLittlePonyFan24 9 months ago

    Help! My mic is super quiet on twitch. I've tried adjusting the settings on the broadcast, headset, and xbox but my viewers can't hear me! My mic works fine in game chats and my computer.

  • ludvin pcs 9 months ago

    Yep I'm here for one reason

    Mixer shutdown

  • Gerardo Santiago 9 months ago

    I’m glad it goes to the ppl sitting down, don’t want ppl seeing my stuff

  • Meagan OHalloran 9 months ago

    Why can't playstation have this for twitch 😅

  • killer izzi 9 months ago

    I dont have the broadcast tab, just subscriptions

  • Claire Creole 9 months ago

    Thank you ☺️

  • Legends of Speed775 9 months ago

    Thanks for your help legend I appreciate it a lot got mine working perfectly

  • AcidVybz -Fortnite 9 months ago

    is it just me or does fortnite only stream at 30fps?

  • Stacey Harrison 9 months ago

    HOW DO U LOGIN?????

  • Mistixs 9 months ago

    It’s grayed our my dude

  • GhostCo7278 9 months ago

    this entire time I was oblivious to the party chat mixer and game mixer 😵

  • Flaashj 9 months ago

    How to record your stream and save it to like your phone or computer?

  • Dairbarely 9 months ago

    ohh it was just my internet speed, guess I cant fix that then

  • Christian Pross 9 months ago

    the party chat option is greyed out and doesnt let me change it, even when i am in a party

  • Llama non Grata 9 months ago

    They changed it can you show me a different way

  • zachorryy 9 months ago

    I have been trying to find out online but can't find an exact answer and can't find an answer on YouTube either but is there any difference in quality in streaming through xbox one or streaming through PC? I tried to google this but it wasn't very helpful. I used to stream through mixer but that was shut down so I am now trying to get into streaming on twitch. I set up a schedule for me to stream at set times but I don't know if I should stick to streaming through console or if I should buy an El Gato down the line and stream through PC.

  • NDU GREEN 9 months ago

    Yeah but mine says My account doesn’t have permission to broadcast how to fix that

  • SUNSET SHIMMER 9 months ago

    So I uploaded my stream to YouTube but the quality of the video is bad how do I fix it

  • chris bobo 9 months ago

    Can people hear game chats on your stream? Or only party chat?

  • Mr J Johnson 9 months ago

    Thx 4 help an oleman out! 👍🏽

  • Rodrigo C 9 months ago

    Can someday help me my stream keeps on pausing not evan 5 minutes into my game play it pauses by its self and I don’t know how to unpause it

  • Litgamer 1127 9 months ago

    Thanks for explaing this bro you earned a sub

  • XAaronX on 60fps 9 months ago

    Anyone know how to get the chat up?

  • Nar Sayeee 9 months ago

    Why am I seeing a random background when viewing my friends stream . I can see a tv with a Xbox and clock/cat on

  • Hello People 9 months ago

    Tysm! This helped a lot!

  • weboi26 9 months ago

    I can never change the party chat audio

  • Mintdegree 1423 9 months ago

    My chat doesn't show up

  • Kris Williams 9 months ago

    Awesome video I subscribed, I’m a new streamer about to hop into this amazing community and world, so I’m super excited. What software do you use to edit your YouTube videos and how do I get my gameplay recordings off of twitch and onto YouTube ?

  • IlLuMiNaTiC2223 9 months ago

    Thank you for the video very helpful but does the camera option in the settings does that require a Kinect?

  • ItzKassiii 9 months ago

    mine keeps saying your account does not have permission to broadcast

  • Gavin Barnwell 9 months ago


  • Doctor Mustard 9 months ago

    Anyone know why my steam quality suddenly goes rainbow and the audio goes choppy and pixelated

  • YvngSlime 9 months ago

    Hello! I stream from the console with the twitch app and I am very happy just that I can not put the background music, what can I do?

  • T O 9 months ago

    Anyone know how to add backgrounds to the stream? Or would you have to use a PC for that

  • Anime fights 9 months ago

    It says you don’t have permission to broadcast

  • Plasma Clan 9 months ago

    Every time I leave the app it just stops

  • Kartoffel TV 9 months ago

    If i stream i have only black screen. There is no gameplay just black screen.
    Pls help.

  • Horror Fan 2.0 9 months ago

    Mine always comes out glitchy and shitty quality

  • DJ MIZ 9 months ago

    i have done this 2 times and it record my voice fine and i have the party chat on but when i go back and watch my stream none of my friends voices who were in the party with me are there….but when i am playing the game i hear them fine but the stream video on twitch only has my voice …..any help or idea on why it not picking up my friends chat ?

  • Mattr au 9 months ago

    The nitrate is what I’ve been looking for I didn’t know what it did and that is why my internet couldn’t handle the max bitrate

  • Russ Taylor 9 months ago

    How do you turn down the delay?

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