How To Stream With Twitch Studio – Setup Tutorial with Rage Darling

Rage Darling shows you how to get started with the new Twitch Studio beta app.
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  • Romen Gaming 7 months ago

    Bt how to record and live at same time with twich studii

  • Caleb J 7 months ago

    Ok ok ok but like how do you get more then 0 views

  • evanss vilde 7 months ago

    Hey im new on twich studio beta but can you showe stuf and how to put a timer on twich studio beta plz

  • NF Redd Playz 7 months ago

    Thank you! Made it so simple and easy!!!

  • sorta Delusional 7 months ago

    When I start streaming the preview just freezes and just shows a black screen why

  • TANKY WANKY 7 months ago

    its not giving me an nvenc option on mine any tips

  • WhatTheFlop 7 months ago

    I have it set to record Minecraft on my computer but I have a call on discord with a friend who I’m playing with, will the stream pick up there voice?

  • Aerin Aeristo 7 months ago

    I get no sound of my desktop (games) and I don't know why. Can anyone help me?

  • Pedro soliano 7 months ago

    im sucha noob to this, im learning to stream, this helped a lot, but do ppl still get to tip you? 😀

  • Itz Murty 7 months ago

    im just wondering is there a way to stop your stream from hearing your discord ?

  • SaBlack 7 months ago

    what are the options for the recording path?? and how do we change the recording path?

  • EnvysWRLD 7 months ago

    question i don't see this anywhere but how in the hell do you add music to your streams through twitch studio im on mac btw and every other software i can add audio but twitch studio doesn't make this shown

  • Nick Kane 7 months ago

    I just wanted to say: Thank you. Your video was easy to follow and answered questions I had about streaming.

  • Serenity Marie 7 months ago

    hello! i was curious how we are supposed to stop echo?

  • WINH4X 7 months ago

    “for four years” holds up five fingers
    Yeah, I don’t trust her.

  • Biku B 7 months ago

    My live stream doesn’t have the game audio playing. Only the headphone mic audio. How to resolve this, please help.

  • Steve Enczi 7 months ago

    My stream starts and goes to a background any idea?

  • Lana S. 7 months ago

    mean so much

  • GamingJohn327 7 months ago

    How do i live stream? when i live stream and i checked my twitch acc it says im offline even know im live streaming. (can u help me pls)

  • prospectorvsgaming509 7 months ago

    Thanks for a great guid to twitch.

  • Theodore Castro 7 months ago

    Another video that didnt have the information i was looking for..

  • Maddens Elite 7 months ago

    new subscriber. this was very helpful. thank you.

  • Skyler Symone 7 months ago

    Thanks for the video, very helpful.

  • Gamer_ Libertatem 7 months ago

    Hi, how do I receive donations on twitch, or I cant?

  • code school 7 months ago

    how to create a new stream after making already one @Scan Pro Gaming

  • Just Alejandra 7 months ago

    How do you add Discord overlay on Twitch Studio? Does anyone know? I've been trying to figure it out.

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